How to redirect IE users to a new page

Sergio left a comment on that page asking whether or not it would be possible to add a code that would redirect IE users to a completely different page; and in a nutshell, yes you can. Here’s how.

In essence the tutorial is much the same as last time, we need to insert a bit of code into our iWeb site, after we have finished building it.

Before you save your iWeb site to a folder however, remember that you will have to create an extra page for the redirection and, using ‘Inspector’, make sure it doesn’t appear in the default nav-bar.

You will also need the URL for this page before you add the code to your site. If you know the URL for any other page on your iWeb site then this will be easy (just replace, for example, http://yoursiteurl.com/home/home.html with http://yoursiteurl.com/iepage/iepage.html). You may have to publish your site to your host however to get this info.

Once you have designed the new page and got hold of its URL, save the site to a folder.

Open ‘Finder’ and navigate to that folder.

If you only want to add this code to one page (perhaps just the home page) then you should find that page (remember, ignore ‘index.html’) and open it within your HTML editor of choice.

Scroll down, just a little, until you find the tag and, at the beginning of the next line down paste in the code you see below, remembering to change the URL at the end of the second line.


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