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What does HTML 5 mean to iWeb users

You may have read, if you visit as many web-design blogs as I do, all about the latest version of HTML that is evolving as I type this very post. HTML 5 is seen as the next ‘big thing’ in web design and promises to bring improved functionality and interactivity to our web-sites; which can’t be a bad thing.

Obviously because we, as iWeb users, don’t hand code our sites there are only certain elements of HTML 5 that will apply to us. Yes we have the HTML Snippet to insert the new code, but there are still pieces we will not use; not until Apple update iWeb anyway!

And of course, that is the key. The vast majority of elements being introduced with HTML 5 are related to semantics in standard web-design and include tags such as


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  1. I can’t wait! I am most likely going to get it when it comes out.

  2. Hanging out for this one. I haven’t gone wrong trusting Apple so far so until I get good and burned I’ll be in line.

  3. I can’t wait, and I hope the rumor are true that we’re getting a new iWeb at the end of this week. I’ve got a few sites waiting to be designed, so I’m holding off a wee bit. Exciting!

  4. Please, apple!!! A new iweb!!!!!!

  5. I will make my site html 5 immediately. If people can’t see it, they won’t be my customers. I know that is a tough pill to swallow at first, but developers are going to have to stick to their guns on this one and force people to upgrade their browser. In all honesty, “non-techy” people need to use common sense and upgrade software as it becomes available anyways.

  6. I would absolutely upgrade as I am looking forward to the introduction of HTML 5.

  7. no update as yet in iweb , in ilife 11 still no update..

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