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An interview with Scott Williams

I’ve been wanting to do an interview style post for a while now and a week or so ago Scott Williams, the Director of Creative Services for Eyevero Marketing Communications Group agreed. Why Scott? I hear you ask. Well if you have been regular readers of All About iWeb you will know that every so often I like to feature beautifully designed iWeb sites; Eyevero.com make such sites and have featured in these posts.

So lets get on with the interview.

Why do you use iWeb for your web-sites?

iWeb became a major tool for our company when we realized the ease-of-use and accuracy of the product. The way it has been developed has enabled us to skip many of the old-school design steps once needed to develop effective sites.

Have you always used iWeb?

I started using it a few years ago and really begun liking it once iLife 09 appeared.

What other apps do you use in conjunction with iWeb to make your sites?

To create our sites in iWeb we need to start from scratch every time. As a professional design agency, it wouldn’t be feasible for us to use templates. Thus, to create web-sites we still rely heavily on Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and connectivity/Database tools such as FormLogix, SalesForce etc. Not to mention Google Analytics and social media vehicles.

Do you use any iWeb-specific add-ons (such as Rage’s iWeb SEO Tool) when building your sites?

The only true add-on we use is the iWeb SEO Tool from Rage Software. It is a necessity considering iWeb doesn’t have the ability to title a page properly, let alone any of the other must haves including injecting Analytics code etc. One other that we use is iWebsites… easy to keeps sites straight at least.

What are you iWeb frustrations?

I would have to say the biggest frustration is the lack of integration with the simplest of tasks––see iWebSEO)––iWeb should have all of that built in. I would have to say that the second biggest frustration is the inability to easily save and share website files. Having to find the files in the iWeb Library to share with fellow staff / designers is really frustrating. iWebsites, the organizational software, helps a little in that it splits out all of the files. But it would be nice to simply save a file in a folder, ZIP file and email, etc…. is that too much to ask?

If you worked for Apple, what would you include/upgrade in the next version of iWeb?

I think iWeb needs a professional grade feel. As much as there are all these third-party ad-ons, it would be nice to be able to design graphic hover states, java drop-down menus, hidden layers, etc. all in one program––basically everything DreamWeaver can do but without the horrible interface

Scott, thanks for taking the time to answer the questions, and may you and everyone at Eyevero continue to provide inspirational iWeb sites for us all to see.

You can view all of the web-sites in the Eyevero Portfolio over at their website www.eyevero.com

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  1. Nice interview, thanks. It’s nice to see that professional are using Iweb like we are. I’m just an amateur and I love Iweb but it is true that the new Iweb is overdue now. We need new stuff Mr Jobs.

    I’m looking particularly at:

    1. Code injection (like Google Analytics) mentioned in your article.
    2. Dropdown menus
    3. Ecommerce integration
    4. more templates
    5. Forms creation and integration
    6. forum integration (worked only with Mobileme right now)
    7. HTML 5 so we can create beautiful animation (I know that Iweb 09 support HTML 5 but it’s a pain to work with)
    8. A translation tool will be nice
    9. A sitemap tool that create a list of all your pages in your site easily
    10. What about incorporating IAds to it too?

    Just few of the idea and wishes I have been hoping for the next iteration.

  2. WHY? WHY oh Why no iWeb ’11????

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