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An interview with Marcel van Wijk

Another interview post this week, this time from Marcel van Wijk. You may remember one of his sites from the latest ‘Gorgeous iWeb sites’ post I did a few weeks ago – NO ONO. Those of you who are even more alert may also recognise that name in relations to Cottonmouth.nl, which has also featured on this site. So let’s see what makes an iWeb designer tick!

Why do you use iWeb?

I’m a graphic designer. I am visual, not digital and maybe I’m too impatient (read lazy) to learn all the HTML-stuff. I respect the people who are good to HTML, but it’s too boring.

Have you always used iWeb?

I started with </ html code>. Then a self-study Flash and Dream Weaver but it’s hard to (re)design something quickly in these programs. With the launch of iLife ’08 I started with iWeb, but I didn’t dare to tell anyone. It felt that I had started with Powerpoint. After some experimentation, I quickly began with a blank page and make all the elements by myself in Photoshop and Illustrator.

What other apps do you use in conjunction with iWeb to make your sites?

I use the following apps in combination with iWeb; Fancy Zoom to pop-up photo’s, PayPal buttons (webshop), Facebook (like buttons), Twitter, Twitpic, iWeb Rage’s SEO-tool, iTweak, Disqus (comments), RSS-feed and some HTML-scripts from AllAboutiWeb.com (flavicon, mobile script).

Where do you go for inspiration?

Surfing the web, watching MTV, books and following a lots of blogs about design and fashion.

What are your iWeb frustrations?

I haven’t frustrations about iWeb, I get frustrated about Internet Explorer. Thank God they lost significant market share.

If you worked for Apple, what would you include/upgrade in the next version of iWeb?

I would love to have a standard SEO-tool, Google-analytics, forms, a flashy photo slider and a free entrance to Mobile Me for registered iWeb-users.

Thanks for taking the time to anser the questions Marcel, keep on designing great looking iWeb sites!

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  2. How do we incorporate Fancy Zoom into iWeb?

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