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Here’s some more gorgeous iWeb sites

Is it me, or are the definitely more great looking iWeb sites on the Internet lately? I certainly think so, it didn’t take me half as long as normal to find another collection of iWeb sites for you to ogle over and get some inspiration from. As always, if you think your iWeb site has what it takes to make this feature from All About iWeb, drop me a line or leave a comment.

Starting off this post is lovely looking fashion site No Ono.

NO-ONO – T-shirts

Michael Gouveia – Art Director

Jeff Nitschke – Creative Designer


Studio Panjer

Nonchalant Photography

Lindsay Jay Fitness

Nitro IT Business Solutions

Dimitri Lens

Don’t forget to let us know which you thought was the best by leaving a comment!

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  1. Here are….

  2. Nice, thanks for the inspiration.

    Roll on iLife ’11 (next week ??? pleeeeze Apple)

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by NO ONO, NO ONO and Michael Gouveia, NO ONO. NO ONO said: Here's some more gorgeous iWeb Sites –> http://bit.ly/ccP1E1 // Thanks to @allaboutiweb […]

  4. Very nice indeed! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. Really looking forward to iLife ’11 as well…

  5. I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the recognition. After loosing my job in the creative industry due to the slump in the economy it felt good to see my site acknowledged here.

    Jeff Nitschke

  6. Wow fantastic stuff!

  7. Check out my website http://www.pitassidesigns.com

    It is built in iWeb,

    I incorporated Flash, and some Jquery effects in it.

  8. Great stuff! It’s hard to believe that they were all created in iweb! Check out my website for AMP Mgmt Ltd – any comments/ advice would be welcomed!


  9. Thanks again for sharing these. Feel free to check out my iWeb site (mobile version also) I’d appreciate anyones feedback on how I might make it good enough to make an appearance here someday, cheers. http://www.ficowinebar.com.au

  10. Great looking sites! How can you tell which sites are built in iWeb? And I can’t wait for iLife 11 too!

  11. @Lucy, You need to view source on the page in question. Right click on the page, select view source (or from “VIEW” in the main menu and find the tag line,

    That tells you which application created the site. Some sites may not even have it as it is editable and some optimization programs remove it.

  12. Oh my goodness! These are fabulous and inspirational. Just found your site and bookmarked.
    I opened iWeb (08) for the first time 3 weeks ago, to create a HS Band site (I’m not the listed webmaster but I am the de facto WM). The site can’t be too “out there” obviously, but with each update I find myself exploring the functionality and experimenting a little more.

    I’ll be back!

  13. Check out my iWeb site. Still tweaking a bit, and learning alot from this website. Thanks,



  14. Take a look at my website, built entirely in iWeb.


  15. My site – http://www.stooptuinen.nl – is also built in Iweb. Have a look and enjoy!

  16. Wow, i am honored that my site is among such great Iwebdesigns. The last weeks i wondered why my website traffic went skyhigh, but now I know the reason. There are some great sites there but my favourite is the one from Michael Gouveia. Gorgeous design and very different from most websites. I tried to make my own site stand out to from the masses, but his site inspirers me allot.



  17. I have just launched our company brand new website entirely build in iWeb (except a flash gallery). I’ve managed to master iWeb (Thanks Tim for all your tips and tricks) and suddenly found out, that there is NO iWeb UPDATE included with iLife’ 11.. What a dissapointment..


  18. I know that my website is no where near as nice as the sites you have posted here, but as a complete newbie to iWeb, I think it’s pretty nice… Basic, but nice. Check it out at gdolan.com. Any helpful suggestions are always welcome.

    Greg Dolan

  19. Hi, what a great idea for a blog post! Very inspiring..

    Here are my favorites:


    and also http://www.slagslunde-musikfestival.dk

  20. Yep stlll no html5 iweb update , maybe its just too soon .. kenspocket.uuuq.com 🙂

  21. What a neat group of websites! Kinda makes me glad knowing that its possible to have such nice websites with just iweb!

    I recently published my new website @ http://www.ti-design.ca

    So exciting!

  22. On the NO ONO site, which i just love, the vimeo clip starts playing automatically, and then repeats. How did they do that?

  23. Hi, I love your blog. It’s really inspirational. I wanted to know – how is that kind of graphic on the top of page created on the Nitro site? Is that flash or something? How are they able to create a changing image with links that you can click on.

    Thanks. That might be a completely stupid question. I was just curious. I only dabble in web design.

  24. @Name

    “On the NO ONO site, which i just love, the vimeo clip starts playing automatically, and then repeats. How did they do that?”

    It’s just a tick-box:
    Visit Vimeo > Embed video > Customize embed options > tick-box.

  25. Some great sites! Would mine qualify…?? http://www.zizmages.com

    Couple of things you may be able to help with… some code (that works!) to preload images I use for the rollover effect, the slight delay does spoil the effect…

    I use an exported slideshow from iPhoto for the sliding photos effect on the landing page… obviously this is not great for slow connections, is there a better way use this video file (convert to flash??) Thanks.

  26. Nice!
    I have used som of the idea for my owen site.
    Take a look http://www.egebergfoto.dk

    Regards Allan

  27. Hey! Just built my family business website. Got lots of tweaking to do but had the most fun with the landing page: http://www.splendornails.com

    Keep up the great work everyone! Very inspiring!

  28. does anybody know if there is a tutorial on how to make the slide on the main page of the no ono website?

  29. Im with carlos, how did no ono website do the slide effect on the main page with jpg images. was that done in another program?

  30. iWeb surprised me as to what you can do, in the hands of someone talented its a brilliant tool!

    I used it as an alternative to dreamweaver etc because its so easy to update, i did find some potholes though, like I removed all shadows as firefox throws a hissy fit and block – colours (can be seen on DagherEverything – A workaround is to use photoshop and jpegs, downside to that is you need the same colour page for the fade (iWeb will let you use png’s for backgrounds but not image masks for some reason?), also found i had to revert to basic web fonts for cross browser compatibility.

    Good stuff!

  31. I’m glad this thread is still going after all this time.

    I probably checked out most of these sites and many more whilst designing my own (with the help of allaboutiweb), so I’d REALLY appreciate genuine feedback on how you think it looks and works. i was inspired by everything i’d seen here, and i discovered some neat iweb tricks which i’d be happy to share, like how to maintain the blog rss functions without using mobile me (everyone was telling me it was hard coded, but you can still hack it to make it work)



    1. oh and if there is anything that you like, please contact me using the contact on my webpage, and i’d be happy to answer.

      i am happy to share code too, since i learnt a of it from this site and iwebfaq also

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