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It’s official now. No iWeb publishing to iCloud

UPDATE: How to Publish your iWeb site Without iCloud

This video tutorial will teach you how to publish your iWeb site without using iCloud;

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We all new it was coming I guess, especially after the ‘Steve Jobs E-mail’ of last week, but now it seems that Apple has made it official that there will be no hosting of iWeb sites on iCloud. Of course MobileMe users will get some time to get their house in order, you won’t have to move hosts straight away, but it is coming. In the MobileMe section of the Apple web site a page has been published listing what services currently offered in MobileMe will be carried across.

And as you can see from the screen shot below taken from the aforementioned page you can see that iWeb publishing isn’t one of them.

As iWeb users you don’t have to worry though. Apple have written a support document explaining exactly how to move your iWeb site from MobileMe to another web hosting service, and I must say it does seem to cover all angles.

A great alternative to MobileMe is the iWeb Web Hosting provided by RAGE Web Hosting. You can continue to use iWeb just as you do now while just selecting the Publish to FTP option in iWeb instead of the Publish to MobileMe option. Everything will work exactly the same as it does now and the change over is very quick and easy.

You may also notice that there will no longer be the MobileMe gallery available to host your images, so it may also be time to start looking elsewhere for that too!

Let me know what you think! Is it a good thing or a bad thing that hosting will no longer be available on MobileMe? Do you think it is better to use a separate host anyway? Do you host an image gallery on MobileMe?


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  1. I have both a MobileME gallery AND use iWeb to host my iWeb site. I wont miss the gallery, Picasa is better, and I’ll be happy to finally be able to host my iWeb site with a better Host.

    Visit my iWeb site:
    iPhone 4 32GB – Black AT&T iOS 5.0b1
    MacBook 13′ Aluminum
    AirPort Extreme Gigabit Ethernet
    AirPort Express

  2. The news made me greatly sad. And will i guess make me switch to RapidWeaver or Sandvox. And that makes me sad…. i was REALLY hoping for a major refresh with iLife ’12.

  3. Too bad Apple no longer offers support. I use iWeb to another host, works well. I use Flickr for photos. iweb is not going to be updated i guess, so I think I’ll switch to Freeway.


    1. I published lots of sites using iWeb but using other hosting places instead of mobile me. The real point is if iWeb itself will be still supported in the future. All the clues seem to indicate that Apple is considering to discontinue iWeb and iDVD too.

  4. I already publish to my ISP’s space for personal pages so the change won’t mean a lot to me. I’m still learning iWeb so there are no features I’m currently screaming for other than a quick way to make themes.

  5. I believe that as we get closer to the deadline Apple will unveil something new, probably a revamped iWeb that supports html 5, templates & builds specifically for iPad & iPhone mobile sites, & with the ability to create online book publishing for iBooks as well. It’s hard for me to think that their going to completely abandon iWeb in the future, or maybe I’m in complete denial. Although I do have Freeway Pro 5 and I have been putting it off to learn the program, so I guess it’s time to learn. How about changing this site into “All about Freeway pro, where there’s no speed bumps”.

  6. I don’t really care about mobileme hosting because it’s just as easy (and less expensive) to host elsewhere. But the real question is whether Apple will EVER update iWeb. It has unlimited potential, but as you’ve noted before, there are some pretty important features that they should add. The funny thing is, those features would probably be ultra simple to add, but for some reason, Apple is balking. Just do it already…..shhesh!

  7. I have two iWeb sites. One is hosted on Mobile Me and the other hosted elsewhere. Once I got the FTP set up properly for the external host, one-click publishing works just like publishing to Mobile Me, so I guess I won’t miss it much.
    I do definitely hope Apple continues to support iWeb. I know nothing about coding, and have no time to learn, so having a graphical website designer is essential for me. I like my site simple, so I made my own template just by customizing a blank page with my preferred colors and fonts.

  8. That’s too bad b/c I have been spending a lot of time learning iWeb recently. However, I agree with one of the above posts in that I find it unlikely that Apple is simply going to abandon the ability of an Apple user to make their own custom websites. Something new has to be on the horizon. Apple has led the industry in the evolution and creativity of the computer world since the early 80’s. They aren’t going to just leave millions of creative minds to find somewhere else to go.

  9. Well, I literally JUST created a photo iWeb site
    And was hoping to KEEP IT SIMPLE…. but now, darn it. I’m not computer savvy. I wanted Mobile Me for the EASE of the galleries. I have large movies from iMovies and now this useless photo website. I’ll have to look into the FTP, but I’m frustrated and annoyed.

    1. Hi Aleta,

      Check out the dedicated iWeb hosting from Rage Software ( It’s easy to use and their support is great.


  10. Hi,
    I have always used the Iweb app and have a dynamic website. See for yourself. I am highly saddened to find out that Iweb will no longer upgrade or be available. I hope that someone from apple takes the iweb app and steals the concept to create another app that is a friendly way of creating dynamic websites. Although I know how to use Dreamweaver, flash photoshop’s image ready to create websites, I found myself sticking to Iweb and aborting those other software app for website design. My site was built using only Iweb and is hosted on Godaddy. I was about to renew my mobile me account when I heard that apple was no longer going to have mobile me. I am like many others, I have designed many sites using Iweb, many people who view my sites swear that I have used other apps but I have not . This really is a sad day as I was about to buy the new macbook air and see no reason to at the moment. I had hoped that the launch of Ipad 2 would enhance creative thinkers that this would be a great way to introduce pc lovers to how wonderful the Iweb application is. But unfortunately I believe apple is losing some of those thinkers.

    1. This is typical Apple nonsense. Love the devices but despise the company. The most insensitive company imaginable.

    2. I agree… they are losing me… and I was a .mac client from the get go.

  11. I currently cannot have a blog with iWeb that works properly without it being hosted with MobileMe. Will this issue be addressed as well??

  12. I don’t believe Apple have said that iWeb will not be upgraded – they’ve only said that iCloud will not allow publishing from iWeb, therefore you’ll have to find another hosting service. In the original post there is a link to a MobileMe page that details your options.

    1. It would be delusional to think one second that iWeb will continue on. We can take a hint… and this one is loud.

  13. I’m pissed… and I think I will ask for my money back — as I paid for 2 years. I’m done with it. This is treason…

  14. And all my clients are have their folders on my iDisk. I’m really disgusted.

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