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How To Transfer Your iWeb Site From One Computer To Another

A few of you have been asking about how to transfer your iWeb site from your old computer to your new one, so I decided to put a quick tutorial together. It’s really easy to transfer your site, but this video tutorial will at least give you a visual of where to find the necessary file. So without further adieu:

If you need to transfer your iWeb site from one computer to another, you can follow these steps to easily do so.

The first thing you must do, is open up Finder, and go to your username, and find the folder called Library. I am running Lion so as you can see, my Library folder is not visible. If this is the case for you, this is how we find the folder.

With the Finder window still visible, click on Go in the menu bar, and then select Go To Folder. Type in exactly what you see here which is the squiggly dash, also known as a tilde, slash library. Then press the Go button.

You should now be in your Library folder. Next, highlight Application Support, and then find the iWeb folder. Inside the iWeb folder, you will see a file called Domain.sites2

Select this file and copy it.

Now you can transfer this file to your other computer using whichever method you prefer. Place this file back in the exact same location on the other computer, launch iWeb, and you should now see the website in iWeb.

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  1. Quick tip: press ALT (option) when opening the GO menu in the Finder and Library will be in the menu!

    1. Great tip Kris! Thanks!

  2. Please Jeremy, id really appreciate some help here. Sadly, iWeb isn’t that great thing we force ourselves to believe. After publishing on the hard disk, you should run iWeb seo tool, and then web crusher, then upload everything. Really stressing if you ad some other problems/software on the road.

    Right now i need some help with the picture/image displayed when you share the page on Facebook. I’ve tried everything (maybe i made something wrong, who knows). I tried iWeb seo tool “custom meta tags” (a bit confusing), and even tried to edit the html typing some code directly. Nothing seems to work. Always comes all the images of my web, to make me choose which one i want. Its not the idea. The first one to come should be the right.

    I paste the Facebook page with the indications.

    This line should do the trick:

    changing thumbnail_image for the link of the image. Sadly it doesn’t work for me (neither for some other folks on the net)

    Thanks for the help.


    1. I meant “this line should do the trick: “

      1. hahaha the line doesn’t come as it is html code. You’ll see it that Facebook link.


  3. Why don’t you just use the tutorial for adding the Facebook Like (or Recommend) button?

    1. Its exactly the same thing. There must be the picture to be shown. In fact its worst, because theres not even the chance to choose the image. The sharing comment will appear automatically in your wall with god knows which image. The meta tag must be use in any case.

    2. I made it Jeremy. After hard working hours. Your piece of advice really helped me.



  4. Great !!! Thank you for your helpful advise and the visual tutorial!

  5. Hello, I know you wrote this a while back but I am still using iWeb and I have made several pages in iWeb. I was wondering, -does the approach above contain all of the websites I have created and saved in iWeb? I only want to send one webpage to someone who is taking over. I don’t want her to get all my other sites too…

    Hope to hear from you, thanks.

    Kind regards

    1. This would apply to all websites.

      Also, not sure if you have read much else on this site, but because iWeb is discontinued and so outdated, I no longer recommend using iWeb and I am encouraging all iWeb users to begin transitioning over to EverWeb

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