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iWeb Hosting Update – MobileMe Days Are Numbered

A very popular topic of conversation floating around the iWeb community these days is MobileMe being discontinued. This discontinuation is going to leave iWeb users stranded in terms of hosting their websites.

It’s been mentioned on this site many times that it’s important to take care of this situation sooner rather than later. We’ve also spoken about RAGE Web Hosting a few times, and how RAGE is the only web hosting company who knows iWeb well enough to provide high quality iWeb support for its hosting clients. I also want to mention how some of the features available to iWeb users hosting with MobileMe might work a bit different with your new web host. The main thing I wanted to discuss is password protection. Something that bothered me about MobileMe’s password protection feature was that you had to password protect your entire website, as opposed to just individual pages on your site.

In a recent post on the RAGE Web Hosting blog, RAGE introduced a new and easy way for iWeb users to password protect individual pages on their website. I think this method of password protection is great for iWeb users, as it can be difficult to password protect a page. This method makes it so easy that anyone can do it.

The video below is the tutorial on password protecting an individual page in iWeb. As the video outlines, you will need to have a RAGE Web Hosting account in order to be able to do this. Right now, RAGE is offering hosting at $5 per month which is a great price considering they offer unlimited space and bandwidth, while competitors with similar prices place restrictions on space and bandwidth.

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