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10 Ways to Work Smarter in EverWeb

One of the great things about EverWeb is that everything is usually just one mouse click away. Take that ease of use one step further with these 10 tips that will help you work smarter and improve your workflow…

  1. Chosen the wrong shape? If you decide that the shape you selected is not the right one you can easily change it by selecting a different shape from the ‘Shape’ drop down menu in the Shape Options tab. Any styling you used for the original shape is kept so you save time and effort!
  2. The ‘Rotate’ button in the Toolbar turns the selected object 90 degrees clockwise. Hold down the ‘Alt’ Key and click on the Rotate button to turn the object 90 degrees counter clockwise.
  3. Easily replace one image with another without losing any styling attributes. Just drag and drop your replacement image on top of the original image. The new image retains the original’s styling attributes such as opacity, stroke etc…
  4. Quickly delete a Project file in the Projects Window. Select the Project file you want to delete and press the backspace key rather than submenu. You’ll still get the confirm deletion message before deletion using this method.
  5. Create a Master Page from a regular page. Just drag the regular page from the grey area of the Web Page List in to the blue area then drop it in place. The regular page remains in the grey area of the Web Page List with a Master Page ‘copy’ added in to the blue area.
  6. Quickly access an object that’s underneath another object. Just right two finger tap (or secondary) click on the top object and use ‘Pick layer’ to select the object beneath it.
  7. Quickly view an asset in the Assets List without using Quick View. Just start dragging the asset out of the Assets List to see an image thumbnail. Drop the asset back in it’s starting place if you don’t want to use it in the Editor Window.
  8. Add a new page or new Master Page just by right clicking in the empty grey or blue space of the web page list.
  9. Sort your Project files alphabetically by name in the Projects Window. Click on the up/down arrows to the right of the ‘Recent Projects’ label in the Projects Window. By default Projects are listed by their last opened date.
  10. Quickly add a new Master Page using the new ‘+’ button to the right of the Master Page drop down box in the Inspector Window. This is a new EverWeb 1.9 feature that saves you going to the Web Page List then back again to the Inspector tab when you create a new Master Page!
  11. All of the following shapes have Widget Settings available to them in addition to Shape Options:
    • Rounded rectangle
    • Single Arrow
    • Double Headed Arrow
    • Speech bubble
    • Star
    • Polygon
    • Jagged Box

Know a quick tip that you want to share with others? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I am familiar with some tips and learned some new ones. But I am a bit confused by the “Pick Layer”

    “Quickly access an object that’s underneath another object. Just right (or secondary) click on the top object and use ‘Pick layer’ to select the object beneath it.”

    I tried clicking, right-clicking, Control, Option,Command clicking – nothing gives me “Pick a Layer” option….Am I doing something wrong?

    Many thanks!


  2. Hi Yelena

    If you have a trackpad use a tap once to select the object, then do a two fingered tap to bring up the menu. With a mouse, try doing a two finger tap to see if that brings up the menu instead!

    1. Yes, thank you Simon, two fingered tap worked – it sure is hidden away….:)

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