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It’s estimated that there are over 2.6 billion email users in the world today having 4.4 billion email accounts that send and receive 205 billion emails every day!* The growth of email is expected to continue at about 3% annually over the coming years even in the face of growth from social media and instant messaging platforms.

Email will continue to be of importance and will remain a core requirement for business in the 21st Century. For website developers EverWeb includes email features and links in many parts of the product e.g. in the Contact Form, hyperlinks and the PayPal Widget to name a few instances. If you have an EverWeb+Hosting Plan, you can even add up to five email addresses directly from within the product. Each email address has a flexible file space quota that’s initially set to 250MB per email address. Managing some basic email tasks from within EverWeb is a convenient and simple way to work. If you need to access more advanced email admin options, you can access them in the EverWeb Client Area of your account. Let’s start with what you can do from within EverWeb itself before exploring the Client Area options.

Add an Email Address in EverWeb
You can easily add an email account directly from EverWeb:

  1. From within an EverWeb Project file select File-> Edit Publishing Settings or access the ‘Site Publishing Settings’ by double clicking on your Project file name in the Web Page List on the left hand side of the Project Window.
  2. Scroll down to the section ‘Email Addresses’. Click the ‘Add’ button to create a new email address.
  3. When creating a password for the email address make sure it’s strong otherwise you will have to add the email account again from scratch. The following should help you with how to make a strong password:
    • The password should be between 8 and 20 characters long
    • Use a combination of letters, numbers and ‘special’ characters but avoid using spaces
    • Remember to use capital letters as well as lowercase letters
    • Substitute letters with numbers or symbols e.g. use 3 for E,@ for A 5 for S and so on.
    • Avoid passwords that are easy to guess such as birthdays, names and passwords such as ‘password’.

    Deleting an Email Address
    To delete an email address again use the Site Publishing Settings as outlined above. Click on the email address you want to delete to select it before clicking the ‘Delete’ button. When you click to delete the email address you’re warned that doing so will remove all the email associated with that email address. Use the Delete option very carefully and make sure that you have made an offline email back up before starting the deletion process.

    Client Area Email Options
    EverWeb makes it easy to add and delete email accounts from within the product, but if you need more advanced options, your EverWeb Client Area is he place to go.

    Email Quotas
    By default the amount of space allocated to each email address is set at 250MB. As such you have one email address set up you have allocated it 250MB of space within you 2GB, or 10GB, EverWeb+Hosting plan you have chosen.

    You can adjust the ‘quota’ if you need to from within the Client Area:

    1. Log In to your EverWeb Client Area
    2. Select Services-> My Services from the menu or click on the ‘Services’ button
    3. On the ‘My Products & Services’ page double click on your ‘EverWeb+Hosting’ service.
    4. The next page is ‘Manage Product’ which is where you can administer your domain. Scroll down and click on ‘Email Accounts’ which is listed in the ‘Manage Account’ area. If you don’t see it check that you have selected the ‘Hosting Information’ tab and not the ‘Resource Usage’ tab.
    5. The next page is where you administer your email accounts including the email address quotas. Click on the second button, ‘Change Quota’, which is to the right of the email account. Change the quota then press ‘Save Changes’.

    Remember that you can decrease the quota as well as increase it. This may be useful if you have email addresses that are only lightly used. This helps save you quota file space that can be allocated to more heavily used email addresses.

    Changing Your Email Password
    If you need to change the password of an email address use the steps 1-5 as outlined above. For step 6 select the ‘Change Password’ button instead of the ‘Change Quota’ button. Remember to create a strong password as outlined above in the ‘Adding an Email Address…’ section.

    Checking Email Online from Within EverWeb

    1. From within your EverWeb Project, go to ‘Site Publishing Settings’
    2. In the email section click on the ‘Check Email Online’ button.
    3. You’ll be taken to your default browser and a new window will open in the Rage Software Webmail server.
    4. Enter the details of the email address and password that you want to access through the webmail Portal
    5. Next, you will be offered a choice of two email browsers if it’s the first time you have used webmail
    6. Select either Horde or Squirrel Mail as your default. In future when you access your webmail, you will be taken directly to your webmail client screen from the login page.
    7. Next click on the webmail service that you have chosen to access your email.
    8. Don’t forget to bookmark your webmail browser or webmail login window for quick access in future!

    Checking Email Online from Your EverWeb Client Area

    1. Log in to your Client Area account (https://billing.ragesw.com/clientarea.php?action=services)
    2. Select Services -> My Services
    3. From the ‘My Products & Services’ page double click on the domain you want to access the email for.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Manage Product’ page where you will find the ‘Log In To’ section. Select the ‘Webmail’ option. Note that if you select any ‘Manage Account’ options you will be able to ‘log In To’ your webmail using the option on the left hand side of the screen.
    5. Once you have accessed your webmail, it’s worth book marking the page in your browser so that you can directly open your webmail at any time.

    Forwarding Your Email
    There may be times where you need to forward email messages from one email account to another. To do this you can set up an ‘Email Forwarder’ in your EverWeb Client Area. This will forward a copy of an email sent to one email address to another email address that you have selected. To setup email forwarding:

    1. Follow the first four steps outlined above so that you are on the ‘Manage Products’ page.
    2. Select ‘Email Forwarders’
    3. Enter the email address you want to forward in the ‘Address to Forward’ dialog box. Your domain names are listed to the right after the ‘@‘ sign so make sure you select the correct one if you have more than one domain name in use.
    4. In the ‘Destination’ box enter the email address that the email will be forwarded to.
    5. Click on the ‘Add Forwarder’ button to finish. You will see the Email Forwarder listed below.
    6. To remove any forwarder, just click on the trash can icon beside the email forwarder you want to remove.

    EverWeb’s email admin functions are easy and quick to use both from within the product itself for a quick set up, or through the Client Area for more advanced options! As always, EverWeb makes this kind of thing a whole lot easier!

    Got a question or comment? Let us know in the comments section below, thanks!

    * Source http://www.radicati.com

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  1. Hi Simon,
    thanks for this very well described post.
    One question: in the email forwarder, is it possible to point to 2 email addresses ?
    Currently I have a domain hosting that allows me to have info@mydomain.com that points to my email and that of my wife. Before migrating to EverWeb I wanna be sure not to lose this feature.

    1. Hi Fernando, Thanks, I’m glad you like the article. Yes you can forward email from one address to two or more other email addresses. If you have EverWeb+Hosting use the Email Forwarder section of the Client Area to set up the two email forwarders. If you using your own hosting provider the situation is as you have it now, so nothing changes as you’ve set up the forwarding already.



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