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Using EverWeb’s RSS Subscribe Button

When blogging with EverWeb, one of the things you may want to do is have visitors subscribe to your blog. Using an RSS Feed reader allows Internet users to aggregate their own content from their favourite websites in one handy place. RSS Feed readers also allow you to customize your feeds to varying degrees leaving the user in control of their content.You can easily have your own web visitors subscribe to your own blog (or those of others) by adding EverWeb’s RSS Subscribe button to your website.

  1. Before you start, make sure that you have installed an RSS Feed reader on your computer such as Feedly, The Old Reader or Inoreader.
  2. You should already have created a blog in your EverWeb project file and added one or more blog posts to it if you want your visitors to subscribe to your own blog.
  3. If you want visitors to subscribe to an external blog (i.e. a blog on someone else’s website) you’ll use a URL to the external website’s RSS Feed link instead.
  4. Go the page where you want to add the RSS Subscribe button e.g. on a Master Page or the blog posts page.
  5. If you want to add the button to more than one page in your website, once you have added the button to the one page, you can just copy and paste the button to the other pages.
  6. Add the button to the page using the Insert-> Button-> RSS Subscribe menu option.
  7. There are two options available: The first links the button to a blog in your website project. Select the blog in your website that you want to use from the dropdown menu. The second option links the button to a URL you want to link to. This is used when linking to blogs from other websites e.g. you could link to EverWeb’s own website blog using the https://www.everwebapp.com/blog/rss.xml URL link.
  8. As with all buttons in EverWeb, once you have added the button, you can’t edit it. If the button doesn’t work when you test it, you’ll have to delete it, reinsert it and relink it again on your page.
  9. Often RSS Feed URL links are listed in website sitemaps to make it easier to just copy and paste the link in to the RSS Feed Subscribe button. You can also Google for the RSS Feed link URL that you are interested in as there are dedicated websites that list commonly used RSS Feed URLs.
  10. When finished with adding your own or external blog link, click on the Select button to finish.

  11. The RSS Subscribe button is added to the page. Size and position the button as desired.
  12. Test your button using EverWeb’s Preview function. If the link to your blog/URL is correct, when you click on the RSS Feed Subscribe button, you will be asked if you want to add the RSS Feed to your default RSS Feed reader program that you have installed on your computer.
  13. If you are linking the button to your EverWeb created blog and the button does not work, you may want to republish your website first then try using the button again. Remember to also check to make sure that you have your RSS Feed reader app installed in the Applications folder of your computer.

RSS Feeds are currently having a resurgence as Internet users try to find alternatives to ad tracking sites and sites that reduce your online privacy. RSS Feeds provide a great solution for making you less of an Internet ad target!

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