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EverWeb and the Shuttering of Google+

Google recently announced that it will be shuttering its Google+ social network platform in August 2019. The platform, Google’s fourth attempt at social networking, was originally introduced back in June 2011, and brought together a collection of tools including video chat and messaging known as Hangouts, photo editing and sharing, Check-Ins and the ability to group people together by relationships, known as Circles.

The platform has often been seen as Google’s own version of Facebook but after initial interest in the new service had peaked, Google+ stalled and never really went on to challenge Facebook’s dominance. The platform’s had a turbulent history and has been effectively sidelined for a few years now whilst losing users to an extent that it’s no longer a viable proposition.

Google+ in EverWeb
Since its launch back in November 2013, EverWeb has always featured a Google+ Widget and a Google+ button. As the news is out that Google+ is effectively being shuttered to the public, now may be the time to think about transitioning to alternative platforms and when to remove the Google+ widget and button from your site. The most obvious alternative platform is Facebook, with Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest also in the frame depending on where your customer market is most visible.

For your website you may want to add an advisory of the demise of Google+ and that the Google+ features of your site will be removed before the August 2019 deadline.

Removing Google+ from Your Website
If you have already decided to remove your Google+ widget and/or button from your EverWeb created website, delete them from your web pages and reorganize your pages if needed. You may want to include any new social media links you are transitioning to in to your website at this time such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn buttons. Alternatively there are Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo widgets that may suit your needs. If you already use Facebook, now may be the time to expand its presence on your site with a Facebook Like or Page Timeline widget.

It’s probably best to republish the entire website rather than just the updated pages so that the whole site gets a one off code refresh!

Removing Your Google+ Profile
You may also want to remove your Google+ profile if you’re no longer using it. You can delete your Google+ profile without deleting your Google account. Removing your Google+ profile should not affect other Google products that you may be using such as Gmail, Search or your Google Account.

To remove your Google+ Profile go to the Downgrade page. You’ll be asked to log in to your Google+ account. If you don’t have a Google+ account you will see a page asking you to create an account, which you probably will not want to do, so select Cancel if this happens. If you are sure you have a Google+ profile it may be linked to a different Google account, so you may have to go back to the initial login page and select a different Google account instead.

If you do have a Google+ account you will be taken to the ‘Delete your Google+ Profile” page. Read the information on this page carefully and if you are still happy to delete the profile, press the ‘Delete’ key. That’s all there is to it!

Google will shutter its Google+ service to the public in August 2019. Some hints that it will remain in some form for business remain. At present what the future holds is unclear in this respect. Maybe for Google, a fifth time may be the charm in the cut throat world of social media.

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