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The EverWeb 2018 Review: EverWeb Comes of Age!

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Looking back at 2018 it was the year when EverWeb truly came of age. The introduction of responsive website design to EverWeb a couple of months ago really takes the product to a new level. Whilst the update delivered over 50 new and updated features they were integrated seamlessly into EverWeb version 2.8 so that existing EverWeb users could use the product just as they always have done in the past.

The New EverWeb with Responsive Website Design
Responsive website design is a great concept but often difficult to deliver in an easy way in website building products. EverWeb’s approach is beautifully simple and thoughtfully executed. Since EverWeb 2.8 launched there have been a number of maintenance updates to iron out some of the issues that can only come out when the product is in the hands of EverWeb users! At the end of 2018, EverWeb is at version 2.8.8. If you are currently using an earlier version, click on the EverWeb-> Check for Updates menu option when you are in the product and follow the instructions.

If you are thinking of trying EverWeb you can go directly to the EverWeb website and download the product form there. You can build a complete website with the download. The only thing you won’t be able to do is to publish it, which you can only do with a full license purchase.

There are also plenty of videos about Responsive Web Design in EverWeb to get you started on their YouTube channel.

Other Great New Features from 2018
Although Responsive Website Design is the headline feature of EverWeb in 2018, there were plenty of other great features to enjoy. EverWeb added an amazing free stock photo library of over 500,000 images that are royalty free. This is an awesome feature where you can grab the images you want for your website at absolutely no cost!

The Contact Form Advanced widget also got a big update adding section headers, field descriptions, more font customizations and custom button options. If you use the PayPal Widget, this also got a great update allowing you to add images and product descriptions right from within the Widget Settings as well as Weight options in lbs or kgs.

Blogging also got some nice feature adds with the ability to now mark posts as draft so that they won’t publish until you’re ready. You can also set the post date and time to the be same as the publish date/time if you want. Blogging is also responsive ready as well so you’re all set to go with a fully responsive website.

Widgets and More Widgets!
The advent of responsive website design in EverWeb brought a slew of new widgets: The Responsive Row, Text Section, FlexBox and Responsive Image Gallery all specifically designed for responsive page layouts debuted in EverWeb 2.8. The Navigation Menu widget saw major updates in EverWeb 2.7 and 2.8 as well as many other widgets gaining additional features and full width capability.

Whilst on the subject of widgets, there was also the new Widget Organisation feature to enjoy. Now you can easily categorize your third party widgets so that they are organised just how you want.

Updates for Theme Templates
EverWeb added plenty of new Theme Templates to the product in 2018 so that there are now over 160 to use. There’s even a new Theme Template filter list available in the Theme Template Choose so that you can view either All the Theme Templates, Responsive only themes, Fixed Width only themes or only New themes. It’s a great and simple way to quickly find the Theme Template that you want to use!

Third Party Products
It’s been another strong year of new third party widgets from Roddy McKay’s EverWeb Widgets website. As you would expect, Roddy’s new widgets focus on taking advantage of EverWeb’s mew responsive design features! Alnatively, EverWeb PowerUp also has some interesting widgets on offer too!

There are also third party theme templates available from EverWeb PowerUp, UAB Macmanus, Infinite Loop Apps and Everything EverWeb.

More EverWeb Video Tutorials
2018 also saw more video tutorials on EverWeb’s YouTube channel, so check them out to find out more about all the new and updated features and how to make best use of them!

EverWeb’s had an action packed year and we’re looking forward to bringing you all the news, hints and tips as well as tutorials over the next coming 12 months!

Let us know what you would like to see us cover here on AAI! Your comments and opinions count!

All the best for 2019!!!!

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)

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