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NEW! EverWeb 2.9 Now Available with More Responsive Features!

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)

It’s only been a couple of months, but EverWeb’s responsive drag and drop website building features have just been updated to version 2.9. If you already have a current EverWeb user license you can download the update today using the EverWeb-> Check for Updates menu. If you don’t have EverWeb but want to try it out, just go to the EverWeb website and download the full product. The only thing you won’t be able to do is publish your site until you purchase. EverWeb’s not a subscription service and when you purchase you also get a free year or support and product updates as well.

The New Features in EverWeb 2.9

So what’s new? Well, more responsive website design features had been added that give you more control and flexibility than ever when building responsive pages. First off is the new ‘Show on Device’ feature in the Metics Inspector. This allows you to select which device, or devices, that you want the object to be displayed upon: mobile, tablet, desktop or wide desktop.

EverWeb 2.9 includes options to view objects that are currently not visible via the Window menu which now adds a ‘Show/Hide Hidden Objects’ menu. There’s also a new option when you secondary click on the Editor Window to select a hidden object. The menu that appears has a ‘Hidden Objects’ option but only when there are hidden objects on the page. Whilst these options are for responsive page layouts, you can also use them in fixed width layouts too!

The new version of EverWeb introduces user definable ‘Breakpoints’ so you can set how the width of mobile, tablet, desktop and large desktops pages. Breakpoints are set in pixels and you can always reset back to EverWeb’s default Breakpoints settings at any time. You can display breakpoint lines in the Editor Window using the Window-> Show Breakpoints menu option.

Full width objects and the Responsive Row widget can now have a maximum width value set, the first via the Metrics Inspector and the latter through the widget’s Widget Settings. This is a useful setting that helps content being spread out too widely on desktop and large desktop devices.

Any widget that includes the Styled Text Editor can now use numbered and bullet point lists. You’ll see them in the Editor’s Toolbar. Furthermore any widgets that include image hyperlinking now have the ability to link to a file. You can also open the hyperlink in a separate window if you want.

There are also many other minor tweaks, performance improvements and bug fixes in this release, so as always, it’s worth updating to the latest version!

This post is also available in: frFrançais (French)

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