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Extend Your EverWeb Site with These EverWeb Garden Widgets!

One of the key features of EverWeb is that it’s easy to extend its capabilities through the use of its own and third party widgets. Although EverWeb offers great features through its 25 own built in widgets, there may be times when you need something a little bit extra for your site that can’t be achieved through EverWeb’s default widgets. Third party widget provider, EverWeb Garden, has about 60 free to use widgets that can add that extra ingredient to your site when needed!

In this post, we’re going to look at some of EverWeb Garden’s widgets that take EverWeb’s built in offering and take things up a notch…

Video Galleries
EverWeb allows you to create your own video gallery through the FlexBox widget. Simply add embedded objects and set the ‘Object Type’ as ‘Video’ in the widget’s Embedded Objects list.

If you want a dedicated video gallery, however, check out EverWeb Garden’s Video Gallery widget. This widget gives you plenty of customization options such as vertical and horizontal padding, thumbnails, captions, play button options and styling plus some mouse over effects. These options give you a wealth of customization so you can display the video gallery just as you want.

YouTube Video Gallery
Whilst on the subject of video galleries, EverWeb Garden also has a YouTube Gallery widget that lets you arrange one, or more, YouTube videos easily within a grid. The widget comes with additional customization options, for example, you can add a thumbnail to your video, add vertical and horizontal padding, use a colored border with a user defined width and you can also adjust the size of the video playback button. In addition, there are also mouse over options to zoom the thumbnail image and to add an image shadow if you want.

Text Wrap Around Images
EverWeb lets you wrap text around an image natively through the Text Section widget. All you need to do is to add the image you want in to the widget’s Widget Settings then enter your text in to the Styled Text Editor. Next, use the Alignment and Padding options in the Image Settings section of the Widget Settings to get the text wrap to wrap around the image with the look that you want.

As an alternative, EverWeb Garden’s Advanced Image Wrap widget is primarily focused on wrapping text around images. The widget allows you to scale the image you’re using in five different ways: None, Cover, Contain, Fill and Scale Down. You can manually set the image dimensions and padding between the image and the wrapping text as well. The Advanced Image Wrap widget also allows you to text wrap more than one image so you can keep working in just the one widget all the time you need to!

Navigation Bar with Icons
EverWeb’s built in Navigation Menu widget allows you to create single line navigation menus, dropdown menus and responsive hamburger style menus. The built in widget uses hyperlinked text labels for the menu labels, but if you want to use an icon with a text label instead as a menu option, this is where EverWeb Garden’s ‘Navigation Bar with Icons’ comes in!

The Navigation Bar with Icons widget comes with a default set of eight icons: Home, Pencil, User, Book, Info, Question, Cog and RSS. If the preinstalled icons are not what you want, then you have the option to install Font Awesome. Just go to the Font Awesome website which will guide you through setting up Font Awesome and check out this video on how to integrate Font Awesome with EverWeb. When finished with the Font Awesome setup, you can then add the Font Awesome class that you want, e.g. ‘fa-camera-retro’, directly in to the widget to generate, in this example, a retro looking camera as the icon.

Advanced Slider Widget
One of the stalwarts of EverWeb’s built in widgets is the Image Slider widget. There are lots of great features that you can use with the this native widget, but if you want to have a video slider then EverWeb Garden’s Advanced Slider widget is the perfect solution!

The Advanced Slider widget lets you set the height and width that you want for the images or videos, the type of slide transition you want (slide, fade, cube or flip), padding options as well as handy features such as which slide to start the slider with. In addition you can set pagination options using bullets, numbers or a progress bar.

The Advanced Slider widget also has a surprise as you can also create text only slideshows in addition to image or video slideshows!

With EverWeb Garden you get there are many ways to make your website unique with just the look that you want! And all 60 widgets are free to use and you can download the whole set! Just drag and drop the widgets folder into the Assets Tab and you’ll have over 60 extra widgets to use in your site!

If you have any questions about this post, please let us know… we’re happy to help!

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