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All About EverWeb 4.2 for Mac and Windows! New UI Features, Map Fill, Video Fill and More!

Hot on the heels of the Janury 2024 release of EverWeb 4.1 comes the newly released EverWeb 4.2 for macOS and Windows! Whilst EverWeb 4.1 focused on improving page loading speeds, EverWeb 4.2 focuses on making the user experience even better and more efficient than ever!

New UI Features
The most noticeable change you will see to EverWeb‘s User Interface are up and down arrow icons in the top left hand corner of full width objects in responsive pages. There is also a new settings cog in the top left hand corner of any widget on your page. These up/down arrows make it easier to move objects up and down the page, whilst the ‘in-situ’ settings cog means that you don’t have to mouse over to the Inspector Window to access a widget’s settings. In addition to these new features, the Responsive Row widget gains a Toolbar allowing you more flexibility if you want to rearrange Responsive Rows on your page.

New Shape Options Map Fill and Video Fill Options!
EverWeb’s Shape Options Fill feature continues to add features with new Map and Video Fill features. Map Fill lets you add a Google Map to an object (e.g. a Responsive Row background) and you can choose the level of map sophistication that you want. Indeed, the new Map Fill feature includes more map features than you will find in EverWeb’s Google Maps widget!

If you want to add a video fill to an object, that’s also now possible in EverWeb 4.2!

Drag and Drop Pages and Objects from Project to Project
The new release of EverWeb also includes a very popular user request – the ability to drag and drop pages from one project to another! In addition, you can now also copy and paste objects from one project file to another!

Choose Your jQuery version
If you EverWeb site has its own host, you may need to select the version of jQuery that’s used by your hosting provider. EverWeb now lets you choose, just use the dropdown in the Site Publishing Settings screen!

Updates for EverWeb for Windows Users
The latest release Windows version of EverWeb also includes lots of bug fixes and performance improvements for an even better user experience!

In addition to the main new features found in EverWeb 4.2, there are also lots of minor enhancements as well as performance and stability improvements as you would expect!

EverWeb 4.2 for macOS and Windows is available now for download!

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