Welcome to a new service offered by All About iWeb; Review my iWeb. What is it? As the name suggests, you send me your URL and I review your iWeb site for you, producing a full report on areas of design and/or SEO.

What gets looked at?

In a word, everything! We take our time ensuring that we interogate every page of your site, including the code, to see how you can improve it. We will then compile a full report breaking down how you can get the best from your iWeb site, where you should/could make changes and where to get advice from on how to make those changes.

4 Options for Service.

  • Design – If you opt for the Design Report we will take a look at your iWeb site with style in mind. Does the theme you’ve chosen suit the subject matter, are the colors right? The list goes on.
  • SEO – If you’re happy with your iWeb site’s design but want to get yourself higher in the search engines why not try our SEO Report. We’ll the the style alone and concentrate on areas which will help you climb the search engine ladders.
  • Business – The Business Report incorporates all the things of the Design Report and the SEO Report to give a completely comprehensive review of your site which will allow you to take your iWeb site ‘to the next level’.
  • Complete – The Complete Package really is the all-in deal. We send you the Business Report to read through, you agree with what you have read and we make all of the changes for you. You end up with a cleaner more efficient and user-friendly iWeb site to be proud of.

Inroductory Price Offer

As this is a new service from All About iWeb I am starting it off at a great low price. Because there are 4 Levels of Service there are 4 prices to match.

  • Design Report – Regular Price: $50.00 (US)Offer Price: $30.00 (US)
  • SEO Report – Regular Price: $75.00 (US)Offer Price: $50.00 (US)
  • Business Report – Regular Price: $100.00 (US)Offer Price: $75.00 (US)
  • Complete Report – Regular Price: $500.00 (US)Offer Price: $300.00 (US)

Where do I sign?

Simply complete the form you see below remembering to add you iWeb site’s URL and  indicate which report you would like to opt for. We at All About iWeb will get back to you as soon as we can. We hope to hear from you soon.


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