01 Feb 2009

It’s not too late to win an iPod

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At the start of the New Year I wrote a short post giving you all the opportunity to win a brand new iPod shuffle and some accessories and despite the fact that it has been viewed over 400 times there has only been one entry. So this is a short post just to highlight the post once more and to try and encourage you to enter your site. Good luck!!

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9 Responses to “It’s not too late to win an iPod”

  1. Reply Ahmed El Alfy says:

    I hope i win…Also please feel free to visit my site and tell me what i can do to improve it and if its interesting. im new to iweb and site making in general and i hope my idea go somewhere. It basically a site designed to let people review stuff. None of this advertising marketing stuff..just from one person to another a review that people can be and comment on

  2. Reply Ahmed El Alfy says:

    The website is dare2review.com..I provided an email link on the right side of every page allowing people to email me any review they wrote and ill post it. Of course giving them credit for it and my appreciation.

    Thank you

  3. Reply Tyler Gant says:

    My website is a simple one, but I do believe in simplicity. 🙂 Please enjoy.

  4. Reply Gregg Nottingham says:

    Thanks for the tips and tricks with iWeb. Your site is very helpful.

  5. Reply Thierry says:

    Here is my site, actually the one I created for my parents in law to display and sell there photos: http://www.wesdotphotography.com/Home.html
    I so not think I can compete because I use a IWeb theme, but everybody is welcome to visit.

  6. Reply Brit says:

    I am working to implement some of the things on this website. Pretty handy resource.

  7. Reply Kevin says:

    It’s still a work in progress, but I thought I’d enter! http://studentwebs.winona.edu/kagreime3974/

  8. Reply James says:

    hey, here’s my website- http://www.lhp.org.nz. have used a ton of hints from your really useful bog!

  9. Reply Joe Spruch says:

    Just found out about your site…fantastic…is the contest still going on?

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