12 Dec 2012

iWeb Replacement App on its Way? I think so…

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A few weeks ago we had a discussion on what we would like to see in an iWeb replacement. We got some great suggestions and feedback and even people wondering if iWeb will be updated or re-released in some way.

Well today I’ve got some super exciting news to let you all know about. An iWeb replacement app is on its way.

Yes you read that right! We’ll soon be using an actively developed web site building tool that is very similar to the iWeb we know and love. I’ve actually seen it with my own eyes and it looks fantastic.

I can’t say whether it’s a new application or if Apple sold iWeb to another company but I can say we’ll all soon be back to using a web site building app we have loved for years.

Sign up to the iWeb replacement app mailing list and leave your excitement below in the comments.

What a great way to start the Holiday Season off!

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14 Responses to “iWeb Replacement App on its Way? I think so…”

  1. Reply stu rowe says:

    fantastc news,,,,

  2. Reply Jeff says:

    Keep us posted. Maybe some beta testing?

    Just signed up for the mailing list

  3. Reply Hozey says:

    What great news. In time for the holidays I hope. I’d be more than happy to beta test, but it sounds like you may be further along than that.

  4. Reply Clive says:

    Fantastic news. I’ve researched replacements to iWeb and they simply don’t measure up. I hope the transition (if that’s the word) will be as simple as AppleWorks was to Pages!

  5. Reply NamePeter Russell says:

    If this pans out as anticipated it will be the best news of 2013! I love the way that iWeb works but, like so many others, always have half a mind on the time when an update to Mac OS X will render iWeb inoperative.

    This looks to be the answer.

  6. Reply Richard says:

    Think this is great news for the industry!!! now many small business, startups and individuals can have a great looking website at a VERY low cost and not need to use some of the cheap but crap options advertised on TV.
    Hopefully is will put some of the cowboy web designers who produce really poor websites out of business.

  7. Reply Erik says:

    Let’s hope iWeb 3 could be replaced by… iWeb 4 🙂 That would be great news!
    Let’s see what brings the iWeb Replacement site.

  8. Reply Greg Ghia says:

    Any updates on a potential replacement?

  9. Reply Rich says:

    This may be great news, but it depends on the capabilities of this impending replacement. My nature and science website is large and complex (www.njnaturenotes.com). I am particularly concerned about losing the ability to create the field guides that have taken so much effort to set up. Their ability to move photos dynamically (so I can place them in a specific order) and to create new pages as each one fills up, is invaluable. You might want to take a look at the website to better understand my concerns. If you can replace the functionality and ease of use of iWeb, I will be a very happy camper. Thanks.

  10. Reply Gordie says:

    Fantastic news

  11. Reply Gordie says:

    Brilliant – keep us posted, can’t wait!

  12. Reply Come See What We’re Unveiling at Macworld 2013! says:

    […] right, the rumours have been circulating for some time and now it’s officially confirmed; An iWeb replacement is on […]

  13. Reply Tim Baber says:

    I did a few personal websites with iWeb and loved it. Friends were angry I did not learn the code and discipline they wanted me to suffer, like them. My needs were simple.When iWeb disappeared my loyalty to ~Jobs and co was sorely punctured. I tried WordPress , having done a joint site with friends, then somehow thinking I was posting on Tumblr I found I had created a website…that looked promising, but I really felt happiest with my own app on my own hard drive, like my early use of an early Pagemaker…again the real software of, er, I forget, was too complex for simple DTP for me you can see the paper versions I sold archived at msbnews.co.uk
    So now the Canadians are contributing to my solo efforts. Now my earth shattering bold research that discovered Mengele was alive into this century, and where he likely spent his last year or two can be found in my own website. hosted with one click. It currently is here : http://www.msbnewsextra.wordpress.com and especially at http://www.bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com. You check out those and come back when this new hosting is up and running and see which gets the love!

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