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So why did I switch to a Mac?

Since I started this web-site I have received a few e-mails from people asking me why I made the switch from Windows to Mac and I thought I would take this opportunity to share my views.

Let me start by saying I am not a 100% convert.  I still have a PC (a HP DV9709EF Laptop) which runs Vista more than adequately and because I have a fairly decent PC, setup the way I like it I won’t be ditching it just yet.  Not because I don’t want to, I would be more than happy to ditch it, but until I get myself a halfway decent Mac (I have a secondhand iBook G4 933mhz with 768Mb RAM and a 40Gb HDD) I can’t see me making that leap.  Even (if) when I do get a modern Mac I will still run Windows on it under bootcamp but not through my choosing.  My wife loves the MS Money application and refuses to use anything else for our finances and my son has far too many Need For Speed games for my family to go completely PC-free.  I, however, will not need to use Vista.

So what were my initial impressions when I booted up my archaic iBook for the first time?  To be honest, a little underwhelmed.  There was nothing I hadn’t seen more or less before.  A desktop with some icons on it.  Okay they were nice looking icons and they were all sitting along the bottom of the screen, but they were icons none the less. I must admit, deep down I probably had a yearning to be a Mac user but had always been put off by cost. Now my friend had kindly donated to me his old one I ha no excuse.

So I clicked on the Safari icon and it told me I wasn’t connected to the net!! A minute later and I was.  My that was easy!! I tried a few more of the icons, Finder, iPhoto, Garageband (I spent far too long playing with it, what a top app!!) and of course iWeb.  I was thoroughly impressed.  iLife is a really useful suite of applications that (even though I hate to admit it) still bring a smile to my face everytime I start one of them up.

I don’t know what it is about a Mac but I just found everything easy!  The GUI is really nice to look at and work with.  I like the way the icons bounce when you select one of them. I like the way the battery still lasts for over 2 hours despite this laptop being so old. I love the way that the laptop is not full of crappy little applications that you will never use (although I do miss solitaire) and is quick to boot up and shut down. I have an iPod Touch which I love to bits and that connected no problems; when I used it with Vista I had to run 3 (count them that is THREE) master resets.  The dock has all the applications I am ever likely to need and to me, that matters.

In a nutshell it is a users computer. My iBook is easy to use and has everything I need on it apart from Windows for my wife and son, but they can keep using the HP laptop. Me? I am gonna stick with my iBook, no matter how old it is.

P.S.  Does anybody know how much I can sell one of my kidneys for so I can buy an Airbook??

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  1. why not get an iKidney!!!!


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