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Regular visitors to All About iWeb will know that for the past 2 months I have been running a competition to win an iPod Shuffle and accessories for the person who enters the best iWeb site without using themes (or changing the theme substantially so it didn’t look like a theme). Well I have had a look at the entrants and finally picked a winner.

Congratulations go to Brian Searl and his Insider Perks web site.

There were some really good entries (to be honest I was hoping for a few more) but the┬áreason I finally plumped for Brian’s site is thanks to the fact that it is an excellent example of what can be achieved with iWeb.


There are so many things to see from his custom CSS based navigation as opposed to the default iWeb javascript based nav-bar, right down to the scrolling ‘Travel News and Information’ window at the bottom of the home-page. The main reason I picked it however, was because it doesn’t look like a default iWeb theme; so well done Brian. If I am honest it is not how I would have designed the site, but that’s what makes web designing so much fun. We are all different and┬áhe has done a good job there. It must have taken ages to do all those links!!

For all those of you who entered (or those of you who entered too late) and didn’t win, don’t worry. I will be running the competition again in a few months time. There were some really great entries, (particularly Greg Patterson at BabyFaces Portraits) so you can try again soon.

Keep up the good work.

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  1. Congratulations to Brian, I really like his site and more specifically his nav-bar. I wanted to reproduce it on my site but the coding seams to me long and complicate.
    I will soon update my site with my version of nav-bar (not the standard one of Iweb. A nav bar I copied and arrange from Tim.

  2. congratulations! that is a pretty nice site. I had a question. where can i find the code for the menu used on the site?? the generic navigation on iweb is very non-customizable! is there anywhere i can find customizable menus??

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