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Poll – Which iWeb are you?

Its been a while since we had a poll here on All About iWeb so to celebrate the fact that it’s Tuesday evening I would be interested to know the results of this one.

Which version of iWeb are you?

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  1. i use the last version!!!

  2. latest version as well

  3. bmab & michael, Thanks for your comments guys. Quick question, can’t you see the poll above?


  4. I see the poll
    and i just voted

  5. I did not upgrade to Iweb09 because I’m waiting for Snow leopard in September, I’m still with Tiger and I start to see the limitation, a lot of application are not developed for Tiger anymore.
    I’m looking forward to September because I want to try to put the pictures on my site on an iphone app as well.

  6. Hej Thierry, Where did you get your ratingsystem?

  7. Mikkel,
    I use this tool:
    It is strange that you ask because I see a lot of visit to my site but nobody use the rating system, I use also their tool “Navigator”:
    I liked it.

  8. I was wondering is there any possible way of password protecting your iweb website without mobile me?

    1. Ultan,
      As well as Thierry suggestion you will be able to find many Javascript solutions to password protecting your site just by searching google. It depends on the level of security you want too, of course.


  9. Ultan,

    I tried this search in Apple Discussion forum, these forums can be useful:

    Not sure if you will find what you want.

  10. Thanks for what your ideas but I was hoping that I could allow people to sign up to my site.

  11. Ultan: there is a way of doing this with databases if your web-host supports this. I couldn’t tell you how, but Google is your friend!!

  12. I use 08 version and not sure if 09 is worth it? I host my sites on godaddy and love iweb. Just wish the search blog function worked. Thanks for all the cool tips. You are a RockStar!

    Dr. Dan


  13. I am still using 08, but will be buying a new computer and checking out 09. I just launched a site and have a week have a page rank of 1, optimizing the site correctly is important, I have learned a lot from All about iWeb.

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