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Rage iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 is out

As I menti0ned last week I had received an e-mail from Paul Levine over at Rage software letting me know (amoungst other things) that Rage were in the process of updating their extremely popular iWeb SEO tool.

Yesterday Paul got in touch again to tell me that it has been finally released.

So you can now head over to Rage Software and download – for free – version 1.5 of the iWeb SEO tool.

What’s new about the SEO Tool?

In a nutshell you now have the ability to add Google Analytics to your iWeb site; and not only Google, Rage promises ‘any other analytics code’ too.

There is even a video tutorial for the SEO tool too; take a look.

Why do I want Google Analytics on my site?

Good question, and one I asked myself when I started All About iWeb. I ran a tutorial (which is now defunkt I guess) on how to add Google Analytics to your iWeb site late last year.

In January I followed this up with a post explaining why you might want to add Analytics to your iWeb site, how the stats that you can get from it can be used to improve your site and help to bring you more traffic. Have a read and see what the iWeb SEO Tool and Google Analytics can do for your site.

Have you already added Analytics to your iWeb site? are you impressed with it or did it do nothing for you? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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  2. Does this mean all data entered with the previous version of the app will be lost once downloading the new version? Are we going to have to fill out all the data again?

    Great site by the way. I found it just the other day and has been so helpful! Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

  3. Hi Rob,

    All of your settings are saved when you update iWeb SEO Tool so you will not have to re-enter anything.

  4. Yey. Thanks. 😀

  5. I downloaded the update and have been pleased with the google analytics feature. It works great and is a lot more convenient than manually updating your site’s html after you publish it to a folder.

    My settings carried over from version 1.4 to version 1.5. My next wish is for Rage to add an h1, h2, h3 inserter for the iWebSEO tool 😀

  6. […] Read more: Rage iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 is out | All About iWeb […]

  7. So from your fait de complie (took a couple years of french) sounds like there isn’t a way to do h1. headers etc even with SEO?? How much of a factor is this in SEO especially with google? For my main website this seems to drive organic searches.

  8. Derek,

    There is a way to insert header tags (I posted a tutorial on 10 Aug but you have to edit the code direct.

    In Google’s SEO guide they count header tags as one of the important on-page factors for helping with your SEO.

    I hope that helps,


  9. I build a website last year using iWeb; just for fun and I added GA using Automator. It was easy and seemless.

  10. Hi all, I added Google Analytics to test the effectiveness of link placements on social networks. I place a link to my website with a short inviting message. The next day I check Analytics. I can see how many people clicked, how long they hung out, what part of the world they’re in. Pretty Cool!

  11. So I used the app to add the code, and published. When I check google, it says “Google Analytics tracking code has not been detected on your website’s home page”. So I re-copy/pasted and published with the SEO, and still get the same status. Does it just take a bit for google to realize its there?

    1. Katrina,

      I checked the code o your site and it doesn’t seem to have inserted the code. Did you upload your site okay afterwards? If that all went well I would contact Rage.


  12. I did the publish from Rage, it never gave me a “you’re finished” but it stopped and went back to the main page… Perhaps I’m glitchy. I’ll contact them. Thanks!!!

  13. So I went through and clicked “apply” individually for every page and now it’s working. I think. Thanks again for this site.

  14. Hi,
    First of all I would like to say thanks for all the tips that I found on your site, it’s been really useful.
    My sites been up for about 15 days now and having used Rages tools to create a sitemap and optimise everything, it still doesn’t show up at all in google except for certain keywords which direct to the old under construction title. Is this normal or have I done something wrong somewhere? Thanks

    1. Jules,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m afraid you have to be very patient when you start a web-site with regards to getting it onto Google. It can take months. Did you register for a Google webmaster account and submit your site to Google yet?


  15. Hi Tim,
    Yes, that’s all been done. So I just need to be patient huh !

  16. So can you use the meta tag option on the SEO tool to add the google webmaster meta tag?

  17. Katrina,

    Yes, you can use the SEO tol to add the google webmaster tag. You can also add the Bing webmaster meta tag. And any other custom meta tags you might need 🙂

  18. No such thing as a ‘dumb’ question, right? How do get to the software once I download it? How do I get it into iWeb?

    1. Rommy,

      To start with you copy the downloaded application to your Applications folder, then double click the icon to get it to start.

      Depending on where your iWeb site is hosted depends on what you do next. If it is MobileMe select ‘Load iDisk Sites’ if not then you will have to publish your site to a folder first, make the SEO changes then publish via the built in FTP to your host.

      I hope that helps,


  19. Immensely! Thanks

  20. how do I find someone like you guys to get all this done? So much good stuff would take me forever. ??? but i need to get traffic going etc..

  21. There has been much written about iWeb not being search engine friendly. I have used the Rage iWeb SEO tool with ease to add meta tags, etc with ease. My question is this: once I have applied the changes to my site using the Rage iWeb SEO tool 1.5, and uploaded it to the FTP location, will my site then have the same ranking chances as it would were it developed in Dreamweaver or Frontpage?

    I really want to use iWeb; however, I am concerned that the sites will not rank well, and I am hoping RAGE will make iWeb sites as Google friendly as any other sites developed using other development software.

    I look forward to your response.



  22. Trevor again, sorry the first website I gave you was incorrect. Please see the one attached to this message.



  23. trying to use Rage SEKeyword but it says my url is wrong.
    I’ve tried every combination I could think of and it still doesn’t work.

    And Yes, I tried the actual url too.

  24. Is there a way in which I can place a Favicon to my site via iWeb SEO Tool? If not, which program could do that?

  25. How do I get the Share and Enjoy thing



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