EverWeb's Third Party Community Update
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EverWeb’s Third Party Community Update!

EverWeb’s Third Party marketplace continues to grow offering the EverWeb user community more ways in which to customize and expand the potential of their website than ever before. You can expand the capability of EverWeb through third party widgets, or use theme templates developed by third parties. There’s even a book on blogging in EverWeb available!

In this post, we’re going to look at what’s new and already available, in the world of EverWeb’s Third Party providers!

EverWeb Garden
If you’re looking for some great free widgets, EverWeb Garden may be the site that you’ve been looking for. The site has about 60 widgets that are free to download and use whilst they are in beta testing. The available of widgets covers navigation widgets, image and video galleries, audio widgets, e-store widgets and much more. These widgets can really give your site that something extra! And if there’s a widget that you need that’s not on the site, EverWeb Garden can look in to developing one for you!

At the moment, EverWeb Garden’s widgets are free so check them out before it’s too late!

EverWeb Galleries
This website is dedicated to photographers and has two free widgets on offer, both of which are aimed to take advantage of your photos! The first EverWeb Galleries widget is the Categories Image Gallery widge which lets you put your photos in different categories. Categories are displayed as tabs at the top of the widget. making navigation easy for your visitors. The second widget is an Image Carousel widget is just that! The carousel has one ‘card’ from and center with a card on each side of it in the background. After a time that you specify, these cards rotate to bring the next one to the front. This is a great widget to show off your products and services!

EverWeb PowerUp
If you can’t find the Theme Template you’re looking for amongst EverWeb’s 200 built in themes, EverWeb Power Up has an at least 10 extra themes for you to choose from. All themes are fixed width and you’ll need EverWeb 2.7 or higher to use them. The Alor, Boat and Boxed themes are the latest additions to the site. Previews of each theme are also available so you can try before your download. Additionally, all of the themes are free to download!

Not only does EverWeb PowerUp have Theme Templates, it also has some widgets as well! If you need a free to use Cookie Bar widget, this is the place to go! Amongst other really useful widgets are the Fake Loader which displays an animation whilst your site loads in the background. This is really useful if you have lots of images that delay your home page from loading! There’s also the Image Compare widget which is great when you want to compare e.g. when you want to compare an old image of say, a street from 50 years ago, with another image of how the street looks today.

EverWeb Widgets
Since the beginning of EverWeb back in 2013, Roddy McKay has been developing the widest range of widgets you can imagine! His first site was EverWebCodeBox which has now been superseded by his new site – EverWeb Widgets. Roddy offers an amazing range of third party fixed width and responsive widgets. His widgets are highly give you amazing flexibility and customization options, usually coming in 10 widget packs to purchase. There are literally hundreds of widgets available and Roddy is always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with his widgets!

Roddy’s latest widgets include a Fancy Responsive Heading widget which will really make your headings stand out no any device your site’s displayed upon.

There’s also a product on sale widget now available where you can add an ‘On Sale’ tag to the corner of a product image as well as display regular and on sale pricing. Additionally you can use the same styling in Roddy’s Theme Kit Sales Grid widget.

Everything EverWeb
The last site in our review, Everything EverWeb, has a variety of theme templates available, some of which include a Master Page as part of the Theme Template. With these theme templates, you get the Master Page already set up. Just add the Master Page to the Master Page section in your Project file and the rest of the Theme’s pages to the regular Web Page List and you’re done!

Everything EverWeb also has the only ever book written an EverWeb! It’s an E-Book on EverWeb’s Blogging feature and is available from the Apple Book Store.

Do you know of any other third party that we should be covering? And what would you like to see more of from EverWeb’s third party provers in the future? Let us know in the Comments Section below!

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