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Some more great looking iWeb sites for your inspiration

After a rather extended break over Christmas and the New Year All About iWeb is back! Sorry for the long period of silence but I’ve had soooo many things on my plate; busy in my regular day job, starting app design for iPad/iPhone and I’ve been going backwards and forwards to London to try and get my injured Achilles tendon sorted out (I have a lovely aircast on my left leg at the moment).

Enough of the excuses, let’s get on with the post. As the regular readers of this site will know I spend a lot of my time checking out as many iWeb sites as I can to see what can be achieved and every now and again I put together a post showing of some of the best I found. It’s been a while so here for your iWeb inspiration is a collection of a few more….enjoy!!

We are starting this time with a great looking site called Satellite, an on-line fashion mag. There is some great photography here and it’s all made with iWeb 3.0.3.


Next up, another site in iWeb 3.0.3 with some nice animation in the site header.


As a rule I don’t like web-sites that use splash screens, but I thought this one was great – just turn down your volume first!


Another Dutch site (iWeb does seem popular in the Netherlands) done in iWeb 3.0.2 and with a super-large background image.


And now a couple of iWeb sites built in iWeb 2.0.4 (that’s iWeb 08).


and the very classy


Here’s a site offering help to Mac Users, built in iWeb 3.0.2.


Now it’s the turn of a software designers’ site, built in iWeb 3.0.2; a great example of how an iWeb site can be used to sell products.


Fashion and design are always popular subjects for iWeb sites (it must be the creativeness in all of us) and here are 2 such sites, both built in iWeb 3.0.2.



And there you go. I hope you have enjoyed looking at these inspiring iWeb sites and take a little bit of whats in them to make yours even better than it already is. If you have a great looking iWeb site that you think deserves a mention in a future post why not drop me a line or leave a comment.

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  1. Hi,

    Some are very good design !

    How is the banner is done on http://www.newamericantheater.org/home.html

    And the scrolling effect on http://www.robertofoz.com/


    Cheers for sharing 🙂


    1. Steo,

      The New American Theater use a jquery image slider and Roberto Foz is using an iFrame showing one iWeb page within another.

      Watch this space for tutorials coming soon.


  2. Tim,

    Thanks for posting one of my site made with iWeb. Much appreciated!

    @ Steo, I used the Nivo Slider found here: http://nivo.dev7studios.com/ for the New American Theater website.

  3. Cheers ! I’m new to iWeb and learning everyday thanks to its community 😉

    ps: is there a way to receive an e-mail when a new comment has been posted after mine on this wordpress blog ?

    Thanks Tim and Kerry, I really appreciate 🙂


  4. Thanks for the inspiration! My iWeb site is http://www.polskadesign.co.uk, i’m always looking for ways to improve it, and have found lots of things on this website… thanks!


  5. Hi,
    I hope you are getting some relief for your Achilles…

    I appreciate you’re site and blog so much- I am new at web design and just had my first anniversary as a Mac user… Your posts and solutions have been a great help in hanging in there with iWeb! I thought it was so easy it must not be very capable… You prove that wrong with every post!

  6. Thanks for posting this. I love looking at the different sites. How do you put the “subscribe” boxes in for email lists like in satellite-magonline.com? This website is such a great learning tool, Thank you!!!

  7. Some ideas for my site??


    Best regards

  8. What a great update ! I missed this site. I am currently using WordPress (very curious what theme you are using on this website btw :p) but iWeb is still the #1 drag and drop WYSIWYG editor for me.

    You say you search the internet for some great iWeb sites, how do you do that ? I never find such great iWeb sites as you do :d!

    Keep up the good work !

  9. My last web done, using Iweb, updating contents and more quality pictures but here is it.


  10. My portfolio website is created on the iWeb platform, and makes use of Flash animation, rollovers, Flash animated buttons, Jquery litebox, CSS3 Accordion tabs, and Javascript Contact Forms.

    Please checkout it out and feel free to post on your site, if you deem it worthy.



  11. Hello all, I’m new here but I wanted to see what you guys thought of my iweb site that’s just about finished.


    1. Hi David,

      You have some really nice photography on your site but you really aren’t showing it off to its best ability. Take a look at some other photographers sites for inspiration.


  12. Those are great websites. I am very curious to know how to incorporate Google Shopping Cart into iWeb like shown on Vanessa Avellar’s site:

    Is it hard to do?

  13. Hey David et al.

    Just wanted to post my personal site and get a little feedback! IF you love it Tim, feel free to post it up 😀




  14. PS your site has been super handy and instrumental in the development of my site. I just updated my site so my portfolio page isn’t doing the fancyzoom thing right now, it WILL be again soon though!

    Thanks for all your hard work and info…I’ve told a lot of iWeb-ers about your site.

  15. Dear Tim, dear all,
    I just found this perfect and helpfull website and its peace for my mind! I´m an young architect without enough money to pay to some company to build my website. So, i´m getting a PRO making websites!
    Well, I need some of your help….two questions:

    1- How it is possible to lock the website link (ie:http://www.satellite-magonline.com/) even if you are surfing in diferent pages (like “about”, “archive”, etc)?

    2- Its possible to use diferent “font” (usually is Arial, Andale Mono, Brush Script, etc) check, please, the CONTENTS “links” (ie:http://www.satellite-magonline.com/)?

    thank you!!

    1. select the text open up the inspector and chose text or click font button on the page simple…. I gather you are using iWeb 3 (iLife 11)

  16. Take a look at the website of the student council of Greveskogen vgs.

    Made intirely with iWeb:


    Thanks for great inspiration and usefull tips!

  17. Hi Tim,

    You stated ‘Roberto Foz is using an iFrame showing one iWeb page within another.’ to Steo above.

    I’m updating my site and am wondering where I could find information on how to do this?


  18. Hi, I have enjoyed your tips and info on iWeb. I’m thinking about moving on to Freeway or Rapidweaver since Apple seems to be abandoning iWeb.

    Here is a client site that I built in iWeb.


  19. Really nice designs.

    iweb is really powerful.

    too bad in italy with that crysis we don’t have many websites requests:(


  20. Some beautiful iWeb websites ??? here MORE THAN BEAUTIFUL

    —- http://www.MHD59.com

  21. Hi how do these websites make auto resizing ( of content/page) in different screen sizes so that the page keeps centred? The code would be greatly appreciated? Is this applied into a HTML Snippet? Many thanks in advance,


  22. Wonderful websites mine is http://www.happymorefitness.com and I did it all by myself on iWeb

  23. Please checkout my 2 sites made with the help of iWeb

    Stoke And District Thursday Night Skittle League
    Liquor and Poker Skittle Team

  24. I have done this iWeb-site for my school: http://www.hettaalbad.be
    It is based on the white template and then I added background images, menu, etc.

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