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Still more lovely iWeb sites

It’s about time I ran another one of these posts displaying some gorgeous iWeb sites. You know the sort of thing, the ones that you wish you could do if only they were possible. Well, fret no more! Take a look at this collection of lovely web-sites all built with iWeb; there’s even one that was built in iWeb 2.

As always, click on the image to be taken to the site.

Starting off this post is the web-site belonging to Cube Architecture.


Next up, some blatant self-promotion. Here’s one I did in iWeb for Dax Miller, a California based designer.


I love this next site, I just love it. All in iWeb 3.0.4


Check out the artwork on the splash page to this iWeb site. The navigation is really clever too.

Now it’s the turn of an Australian realtors iWeb site; very business like don’t you agree?

And it wouldn’t be a collection of iWeb sites if there wasn’t at least one photographer (so here’s 2!).

Who says you can’t put Vimeo into iWeb!



Here’s an iWeb site hosted on DropBox; pretty neat eh?

And finally a Spanish software site, although they do do English too. Take a look!

I hope you enjoyed this latest collection. It should go someway to re-enforcing the issue that iWeb isn’t complete dead and buried, but it is still going strong. If you see any gorgeous iWeb sites around leave a link in the comments.

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  1. Have you ever sent a link of your site to Apple? If they saw some of the amazing work being done with iWeb, they’d certainly consider advancing it, no?

    1. i second that!

  2. I 2nd that!!!

  3. I 3rd it! And so wonder about help for us ordinary (non-über Geeks) iWeb site makers as we have to leave Mobileme for ????

  4. Here’s a site you can check out using iWeb: http://www.chadcorrie.com. I’ll be changing it soon but this is how it looks right now in the midst of the transition.

  5. I am heartbroken about the demise of iWeb ! The best website I was ever able to design for myself used iWeb. What will replace it?
    I have tried coming up with a website using blogger (and paying to have my own name).
    It is not as easy and lacks a lot.
    And then, following advice from these comments I have been trying Weebly. So far, it is disappointing because it lacks the niceties of type design. You can’t choose a variety of sizes , colors , and kerning , the type looks clunky and the pictures are hard to place. It is Nothing like iWeb! I will continue to check this blog to find out any new ideas for replacement.

  6. This is my site, made on iWeb 3.0.4 with version mobile and flash —> http://www.gvchagas.com

    1. Wauw that is amazing….! I thought it was not possible to use flash with IWeb?

  7. Hi peeps,

    check this website: http://www.yoursportpro.nl
    Comments please?!!

    Greetz from the Netherlands

  8. This is my iWeb-designed site made for my parents’ church. I tried to make it as un-iWeb looking as possible.


  9. Inspiring sites. Just finished a re-do of my iWeb site that is optimized for viewing on an iPad.


  10. http://www.preservationlink.org

    Here is a non-profit education agency’s website that I built using iWeb. I am currently looking for a way to share more of the students’ final work (gallery). Feedback and insight is most appreciated.


  11. Hello guys!
    Thanks a lot for this website that inspire me a lot.
    I wanted to know if anyone could expai how to do a slideshow of pictures the same way that on this site http://tsgf.co.uk/tuc/260311.html
    I really love this animation and i’d love to putit in m site.
    If anyone could explain me how or give me a great tutorial that woud be great , or even just give the name of that kind of slideshow , if it has one!

    Thanks again for everything. Keep it up.
    Leo from France

  12. Ho and if you want you can visit my site that is still in construction at http://web.me.com/leo.dominguez/Site/Vide.html

  13. How about this one for us old journalists to display our stuff?

  14. Boerderijachtervennen.nl .
    Also designed in iWeb! Love that program!

  15. Hi
    new website my 2nd in iweb


  16. I have made a site for our school: http://www.hettaalbad.be
    It is made in iWeb 3.04 with added functions in snippets.

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