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I have just released a brand new widget for the new iWeb replacement application called EverWeb. This widget will allow you to easily add justified text to your website. Feel free to download and use this justified text widget absolutely free.

If this is your first time downloading a widget, all you need to know is that you should quit EverWeb, double click on the widget (which is a .ewwdgt file) and the widget will automatically install (you will see a ‘Your widget has been installed’ message). You can then launch your website project and look at the widgets tab and see the newly installed widget.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For this widget to function properly, you will need EverWeb 1.4 or higher.

The folks at EverWeb will be making a video tutorial on using this widget, but until then, what you need to know is that there are 3 paragraphs that you can add text to. If you need less than 3 paragraphs, you only need to use as many as you want. If you need more, then you should drag and drop the Justified Text widget onto your page again, and just make the first paragraph on that widget the 4th paragraph in total. To make any changes to the text, simply open up the Text window and make your formatting changes just as if you would do with a regular text box in EverWeb.

I hope you enjoy the widget. If you have any problems, please let me know. More widgets will be released in the next week or two so stay tuned.

For those who do not know, EverWeb is an easy to use desktop application that allows you to make your own website. No coding knowledge or previous website building experience is required. You can download and try out EverWeb for free.

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  1. Jeremy, thank you SO much for this widget. Even though professionals recommend never using justify feature in web-design I find it very helpful sometimes. So I appreciate this addition.
    One thought… If one needs less than three paragraphs the text box remains large. Is it possible to make it adjustable in height? Or am I doing something wrong?

    Again, huge thanks!


    1. Yes, you can definitely adjust the height the same way you would adjust any other object. Is it not working for you?

      1. What happens is that if I insert text for only one paragraph then there is space below. When I try to make it shorter it “scrambles”, distorts the text making lines go on top one another. I can take a screenshot if you want – where should I send them?

      2. You can send them to contact at allaboutiweb.com

      3. Jeremy, I see the link but I don’t know how to attach images…There is no option for attaching files…

      4. Send an email from your personal email client addressed to contact [at] allaboutiweb.com (replace [at] with the normal @ symbol).

  2. I feel like a fool, but I installed the widget and it shows up in the widgets tab. But, I don’t get how to apply it. I tried adding the widget to a page, but don’t see how it works. I tried adding the widget to a blank page and typing text, but no text appears. What am aI doing wrong? Yes , I installed 1.4.

    1. Just like with any other widget, you drag and drop the widget onto the page. The Widget Settings tab then appears in the inspector window (this happens automatically). Then you enter your text into the box beneath Paragraph One, Paragraph Two, and then Paragraph 3. If you only want one or two paragraphs, just leave those other boxes empty.

  3. I am moving my website from iWeb to Everweb.

    Is there a way to edit some of the text within a paragraph? For example I need to make some words bold and to underline some words. It seems I cannot do this although I can change the font of the whole paragraph. Thanks.

    1. Yes, you should be able to just highlight certain words and make the changes to the highlighted word.

  4. Hello Jeremy –

    I too would like to express my thanks for making this widget. I have a question – when I use a regular text box and select Trebuchet MS Bold and then do the same in the widget, the text in the widget appears much lighter, as if it isn’t bold. Any clues as to why or what I can do to make the text darker?

    Thanks, Linda

  5. Hello Jeremy,
    Thank you for making life easier.
    I’m having an issue with this widget: I formated the text with a certain font, color and size, but when I preview my site, only Safari displays it correctly. Both Chrome and Firefox do not format size and font; only color. I don’t have this issue with Everweb’s text box though. Im using version 1.9.5 and the page is not published yet. Is there a work around for this?
    Thank you

  6. […] Even with all of the problems, justified text can create a neat and organized appearance to text and IS a great way to highlight particular areas of text. To create your own justified text in EverWeb just download the free Justified Text widget from EverWeb’s Third Party Add-Ons section or directly from AllAboutiWeb.com. […]

  7. Hi there, I hope you can help! I am a huge fan of iWeb but having just moved onto a newer mac with El Capitan, have realised I need to move on and so am busy creating my first Everweb website. The first thing I did was to add your Justified Text widget, which works beautifully in Everweb and when viewed in Safari. But everything seems to go crazy when viewed in both Firefox and Chrome with size / font – as per Juan’s comment above. The text becomes enlarged and therefore overlaps other text and graphics. Can you perhaps help me in correcting whatever it is that I am doing wrong? As I’d really like to get this working asap. Many thx in advance, kim

  8. So… How do I get this widget?

  9. @ Kim, sometimes you need to clear the browser cache and try again. Or try publishing the whole site (using File-> Publish Entire Site). Also it’s generally a good idea to be on the latest version of EverWeb as well.

    Hope that helps!

  10. Hello
    I’m using this excellent widget but I have a problem : when I change the size of the police it appears correctly in Safari but still in 12 in Firefox.

    Do you know how to correct this ?

    Thanks for your work and help

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