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Image Text Wrap Widget For EverWeb

imageI saw that a number of users were posting on the EverWeb forums that they would like to be able to wrap an image around text. I have created this simple to use widget that will allow you to accomplish this. Please note that the best way to use this widget is to load your image into EverWeb at the exact dimensions that you would like it to be on your site. I like to use Preview for resizing images so I highly recommend it. You can also adjust the font and font size by clicking on the Fonts button in the toolbar.

The image text wrap widget allows you to add alternative text for your image, as well as align the image on the left or right. You can also change your text alignment to left, right, center, and justify.

Watch the video tutorial on how to use this widget.

This widget is available for download free of charge. Please try it out and let me know what you think.

EverWeb is an iWeb alternative that allows you to easily build a website with no prior website building experience.

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  1. How do you add padding to the text varying the space between the image and text?

    (I have not uploaded my website to the internet. I am waiting until I get all issues resolved before replacing my original iWeb site. So, the Everweb created site is not available for viewing).

    1. There’s no feature for adding padding to the text, but I will see if it can be added in a future update.

      1. Just place the padding you want as transparent (or white or whatever) space in your image. If transparent, you will need to save your image as .png.

  2. In the Everweb widget inspections window there is an option called “Alternative text”? What is this and how can it be used? I type in it with the “Enter Text” window full of text and nothing happens on my page when I type in the “Alternative Text” window.

    I would also like to have multiple paragraphs of text (with spaces) between text entries in the same wrap-text box. How can I separate text in the same box and still have it wrap?

    1. Alternative text is for images. It’s a search engine optimization feature that allows users to kind of give images some text meaning.

      You can add line breaks using some simple HTML code: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_br.asp

      And paragraph breaks also using some simple HTML code: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_paragraphs.asp

  3. Can you link an image wrap objet to another page? I tried a couple of test but didn’t find what I was looking for. It just a texte with the image.

  4. I found a workaround for the padding. Copy the pic to a word or pages blank page, then save as PDF and import into iPhoto or pots. Then crop so that the white boarder is suffieince . Rename the pc and drag or put into assets. Use this pic to import into the wrap txt box.

    Another problem I have seen with this version of text wrap is no bold or italics etc in the text. Also when viewed in firefox the whole box becomes big with bigger text that then overlaps surrounding tes.

    Looks OK in Safari though

  5. Unfortunately, I’m not able to change the font size in this widget in Everweb 3.1

  6. Hi

    This is an old widget so I would suggest that it may be better to look at other widgets. EverWeb’s own Text Section widget may help you with text wrap, otherwise you may want to try EverWeb Garden or EverWeb Widgets

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