EverWeb 1.9.5 Now Available! Faster, More Efficient!

EverWeb’s just been updated to version 1.9.5 and the new release has many under the hood enhancements and tweaks to improve it’s speed and memory efficiency. If your website Project file has a lot of images, or is used for a large website, you should also see improvements in operation. Version 1.9.5 has also devoted a lot of attention to squashing bugs and issues.

This is a recommended update and comes in two versions, one for OS X 10.6 users and one for OS X 10.7 and later users. Updating your product is easy, just use the EverWeb -> Check for Update… menu.

Updated Video Widget
The Video Widget gets an overhaul adding some great new features:

  • Autoplay: Have your video play automatically when your page is loaded using the Autoplay option.
  • If you want continuous playback of your video, check the ‘Loop’ box.
  • Add/Remove Video Controls If you don’t want your visitors to access the video controls, you can hide them using this option
  • Poster Image. Use a Poster Image to add a default picture to the front of the video before your visitor clicks to play it. This feature can only be used when Autoplay is OFF
  • Volume Controls: You can set the default volume level of the video. If you want the video to play without any sound, use the Mute option

Remember that large videos may take a long time to load which makes the Poster Image a useful option. Don’t forget to test the page before going live to make sure that the page load time is acceptable!

Updated PayPal Widget
There’s one addition to the PayPal Widget in 1.9.5 and that’s the inclusion of a Global Shipping Settings option.

New Templates
And finally, there are three new templates: Cultivate, Food House and Gym Lite.

EverWeb 1.9.5 is a must have upgrade for all EverWeb users, so download it today!

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