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Things You May Have Missed in EverWeb 2.6

When blogging about EverWeb, it’s always the big features that inevitably win out when working at the keyboard. But what about some of the smaller features that get added or improved upon with each new release? Let’s have a look at some of those smaller, but nevertheless important, features that came out with EverWeb version 2.6.

Welcome The New Instagram Button
All of the buttons in EverWeb 2.6 received an update with new contemporary images. That wasn’t all though, as a new Instagram button was added too. Just use the Insert-> Button menu to add the updated buttons to your site.

Insert Buttons Are Now Scaleable
Again, a small but good step as buttons can now be scaled to the size you need instead of having only having 32px x 32px buttons to work with. By default buttons are now added to your page at 64x64px.

Predictive Search for Theme Templates
When you a page, directory or Master page, you pick your Theme from the Theme Template Chooser. If you already know the name of the theme you want, just start typing in the name when you see the Theme Template Chooser. As you type, EverWeb will refine the selection to take you to the theme you want.

New NEW Templates
EverWeb version 2.6 added 20 new Theme Templates and each one sports a shiny new “NEW” badge for you to more easily see what’s new.

New Features in Theme Templates
EverWeb 2.6 came out with 20 new Theme Templates. Some of the new Templates include a Blog page (e.g. the Bloggy Theme Template), whilst others use Google Fonts (e.g. Paws Theme Template) or use some of the newer features of EverWeb such as Scroll Position. New Themes can also give you ideas and inspiration e.g. the Apollo Theme Template has a fixed left column and a scrolling right column as a feature of its Home Page.

Make sure you’re up to date by using the EverWeb-> Check for New Theme Templates menu option.

Better Publishing Info
There have been improvements to the publishing process in EverWeb 2.6. When you click on Publish, EverWeb prepares the files to be published.EverWeb 2.6 now shows you how many pages it’s processing during this part of the publishing process.

Once EverWeb has processed the pages to be published, the resulting files are uploaded to your hosting server. During this phase you can see a detailed status of your publish in Site Publishing Settings.

In EverWeb 2.6, you now see the status of communication with the server, which file is currently being uploaded, the number of files already uploaded from the total number of files to be uploaded and the total size of the upload.

Duplicating Folders
Before EverWeb 2.6, if you duplicated a folder it would do so but wouldn’t duplicate any of the pages the folder may have contained. Now with EverWeb 2.6 any pages contained in the folder get copied as well when you duplicate the folder itself.

Animations with Shadows
Animating objects can bring fun to your website and help focus your visitors to where you want them to look on your page! In EverWeb 2.6 if you have any objects that use the Shadow option from the Shape Options tab, the shadow now gets animated as well as the object.

New PayPal Options
The PayPal widget is probably one of the most used and complex you can get, and with the EverWeb 2.6 the default buttons got a make over and a new Donate button was added. If you use your own custom button, you can also scale it manually.

These are just some of the smaller new features that came to EverWeb 2.6. I’m looking forward to seeing what version 2.7 has in store for us!

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