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EverWeb’s Free Stock Photos Feature

EverWeb’s Stock Photo feature, introduced in version 2.7, makes over 500,000 free to use images available for use in your website. Royalty free images are a boon to website developers as there are no royalties to pay and no issues regarding use and licensing of the images either. EverWeb makes finding the right image simple and straight forward…

Using EverWeb’s Stock Photo Feature

  1. First open your project file and go to the page on which you need to insert an image.
  2. Click on the Media Button in the Toolbar. You will see a drop down menu with two options: The first for ‘Media Library…’ and the second for ‘Free Stock Photos…’ Select the second option.
  3. Alternatively you can access the Stock Photos through the Window-> Stock Photos… menu option.
  4. The Image Search Window will open. This window will remain open until you close it or when you exit EverWeb. If you exit EverWeb, you will need to reopen the window the next time you launch EverWeb if you want to search for Stock Photo images again.
  5. If you have opened the Image Search window earlier but can no longer see it, it’s probably because it has been obscured by other windows on your computer. To bring the Image Search window back to the front, go to the Window menu and select ‘Image Search’.
  6. Enter the keyword or keywords that you are looking for. You can use ‘and’ and ‘or’ in your search e.g. ‘cat or dog’ or ‘cat and dog’. Be aware though that the results displayed depend on how the image was initially categorized.
  7. If you click on the search magnifying glass icon, you will see a list of recent searches which is a handy feature to know about if you are searching for similar search terms. You can also clear the list of recent searches using the ‘Clear All Searches…’ option.
  8. Once you have entered in your search parameters, hit the Enter key to activate the search. After a moment you will see the images that match your search displayed in the Image Search window. If nothing matches your search criteria, you will see ‘No results found’ displayed in the middle of the Image Search window.
  9. You can resize the Image Search window. As you do so the rows and columns of image results will adjust. This may make it easier for you to find the right image for you page.
  10. Once you’ve found the image you want, drag and drop it on to the Editor Window of your page. If the image is high resolution, EverWeb will display a warning notice when you try to drag and drop it on to the page. You can choose to add the image to the page as either High Resolution or Web Resolution. You can also add the image to the External Files of the Assets List instead so users can download the image when they want to e.g. you could create a hyperlink on your page to download the image file to the user’s computer.
  11. Go back to the Image Search window if you want to drag and drop other images from your search results on to your page.
  12. When you drag and drop the image on to the page, the file is then listed in the Assets List as the name of your search e.g. if you searched for ‘cat dog’ the image that you drag and dropped on to your page will be called by the same name. If you drag and drop another image from the same search results on to your page it will be named ‘cat dog 1’ etc.

EverWeb’s Stock Phots is a great way to make finding the right image for your website a lot easier than having to access various different stock photo websites. And being free to use, it’s a great no cost option to help you make a fantastic website!

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