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Make Your E-Commerce Even Better with EverWeb’s New PayPal Features!

Keeping your website’s online store fresh and up to date is an important way to keep those shopping with you engaged and interested in the products and services you sell. For your customers, you’ll want to showcase your products to their best advantage. At the backend, you’ll want the task of adding, changing and removing products in your online store’s webpage as simple, quick and easy as possible. Coupled with these requirements, you’ll probably also want the flexibility to add features such as multiple product options, multiple quantity options, shipping options and so on…

EverWeb version 1.3 introduced e-commerce in March 2014 with the addition of the PayPal widget to the product. Since that time, the widget’s feature list has grown phenomenally. This growth in features means that you can do so much more with PayPal from directly within EverWeb, saving you the need to navigate PayPal itself to configure how to sell your products and services.

New PayPal Widget Features
In November 2018, EverWeb 2.8 was released with responsive web design built in offering users a new, dynamic, way of creating websites with truly scaleable pages. At the same time, lots of other important features were added EverWeb, including an update to the PayPal widget.

A new ‘Product Info’ section was added to the PayPal widget’s Widget Settings removing the need for you to have to add separate product images and text when adding the PayPal Widget to the page. Now you can include these features within the widget itself. This makes it much simpler as all these objects are now grouped in to one place. You can opt to include a product image, a product description or both.

When adding a Product Description for your product or service, you enter your text in to the Styled Text Editor. Here you can style your text as you like using your computer’s inbuilt fonts or Google fonts if you have any installed on your computer.

In EverWeb 2.9, the Styled Text Editor was also updated so that the Product Description can now include styled bullet or numbered lists.

Responsive Web Design and the PayPal Widget
The PayPal Widget is a fixed width widget so cannot be used as a full width object on the page. Therefore, if you want to use the widget on a responsive page, you will first need to add a Responsive Row widget to the page, then drag and drop the PayPal Widget on to the Responsive Row. In this way, the PayPal Widget will work perfectly. If you try to add the widget to the page outside of a Responsive Row widget, EverWeb will warn you of this and will ask if you want to continue (not recommended) or to first add a Responsive Row widget before adding the PayPal widget into it (recommended).

You can add one or more PayPal widget to the Responsive Row widget. When you add ‘Product Info’ images and/or text, it is usually best to make sure that the selection box around the widget covers the whole area i.e. image, text and button. If you have more than one PayPal widget in the Responsive Row widget, you may want to use the Metrics Inspector to make all the PayPal widgets the same size.

To position the PayPal widgets as you want in the Responsive Row widget, click on an area of empty space in the Responsive Row widget, then go to the Widget Settings. Here you can adjust the alignment of the PayPal widgets e.g. you may want to have the Vertical Alignment set to ‘Top’ and Horizontal Alignment set to ‘Middle’. You can alter the space between each PayPal widget using the Insert Margin option.

If you have set Horizontal Alignment to ‘Justify’ or ‘Justify-Center’ you may also want to use the Content Maximum Width setting. This setting will limit how spread out the justified objects will be. This is especially useful when the page is displayed on desktop or wide desktop computers.

New Weight Specification Option
The last addition to the Paypal widget comes in the form of a new ‘Weight’ option where you can now specify the weight of the product. Use the ‘Measurement’ option to specify whether you are using pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kgs).

With each mew release of EverWeb, the PayPal widget gets more and more powerful. The new Product Info features are a great time and effort saver and will make building out your online store front even easier!

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