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Most people love the idea of having their own website but are put off by the complexity of setting one up as well as the often spiralling costs of trying to do so. This scenario can be avoided by deciding what the goal of your website is in advance and planning so that you can achieve your goal without frustration and paying over the odds for your website.

Website Shopping List Essentials
If you want to make a website for personal use, or if you’re a small business, local society or hobby club, it’s a good idea to make a website shopping list. This will probably be fairly simple to so as you all you will usually need is the following…

  1. A Name for your Website: You will need to purchase your website’s name, which is called the domain name. This is the ‘address’ that you give out to anyone who wants to know where your website is located on the internet e.g.
  2. A Hosting Plan: Once you have purchased your website name, you’ll need somewhere to host your website and the pages within it that you will be building. Hosting is needed so that your website’s name and contents can be seen by everyone across the internet.
  3. Some website building software: If you want to build your own website you’ll probably want to get hold of some website building software e.g. EverWeb if you’re using a Mac to build your website.
  4. Email: You may also want to create email addresses associated with your domain name, e.g. ‘’. You will also need to have some server space available to store the emails that your email addresses send and receive.

You may have other items that you need to add to your website shopping list depending on what your website is going to do e.g. internet shopping may require PayPal or another payment method. At this time you may also want to think about how many websites you are going to build. If you plan on having more than one website project factor this in to your planning and purchasing decisions. Some hosting providers offer plans that allow you to only build one website, so be aware. You may need a different hosting plan than you originally envisaged if you plan to have more than one domain name. It’s also a good idea to think about how many email addresses you want, regardless of whether you are building one, or more, websites.

Plan Before You Purchase
There are a number of other things that you may want to consider before you make your purchasing decisions… Is server speed and server up time important to you?, how much design freedom do you want when building your website? do you want to code your website or build it without coding at all?, is e-commerce or social media important to you?, are development and maintenance costs critical factors?, how important is Customer Service in the development and continued support of your website? Making a list of your requirements, from show stoppers down to nice to have items, will make your purchasing decisions easier and clearer.

Making The Right Purchasing Decisions
This is where things get interesting. complicated, confusing and potentially costly… Many hosting providers and website building software vendors provide a complete package of the above essentials making it easier and more cost effective for you to make your choice. GoDaddy, for example, always has offers to entice you, but be careful to look beyond these bargain offers. If you’re buying a domain name or hosting, you may well see a great offer for the first year, but in subsequent years you will be charged at their full price. An ‘Economy’ hosting plan with GoDaddy, for example, is $72 USD in the first year. in the second year the renewal cost comes in at $90 USD. However, your one free email address and storage associated with the plan will be charged in this year at an unadvertised price. Frustratingly, GoDaddy’s not entirely transparent when it comes to telling you about renewal costs.

Also be aware of ‘Up-Sell’ where you’re enticed in to purchasing products that you don’t need at all. When purchasing remember: Buyer Beware! Checkout the small print and the tucked away ‘Learn More’ or ‘?’ information boxes. Often these reveal that the bargain you think you have actually isn’t one at all. Remember that your second year costs could spiral as your first year offers end and everything becomes full price and things that were free in the first year are charged in the second.

Clear Purchasing with EverWeb
EverWeb makes your purchasing options clear and easy. It’s all on EverWeb’s Price List page in one easy table. No fuss, no hidden costs! EverWeb+Hosting Lite costs $99.95 USD/Yr. This includes EverWeb website building software (which costs $79.95 in itself as a standalone product), your hosting, up to 5 domains, 5 email addresses, over 200 Theme Templates and over 500,000 free to use stock photos, plus the following features built directly in to the product so everything is all in one place!

  • Built in 404 Page Not Found
  • Built in 301 Page Redirects
  • Add your own FavIcon for your site
  • Email Address Administration and Apple Mail Setup
  • Password Protection

There’s also free 7×24 Phone and Email support, and if you don’t want to renew your license at the end of the first year, you still get to keep the EverWeb product you originally purchased. The only extra you will need to purchase each year is your domain name.

Cost Effective Solutions!
Setting up your first website can be a minefield to navigate and may end up costing you a lot more than you thought. Having a clear idea of what you want is key to making your purchasing decisions. Having clear, simple choices when it comes to purchasing website building software and hosting makes EverWeb’s Hosting Lite the easy, stress free, cost effective choice!

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