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EverWeb 3.0 Debuts!: Contact Forms Enhanced, New Asset Management and LOTS More!

The wait is over! EverWeb version 3.0 has arrived and it’s another landmark release! There are literally hundreds of new and updated features to enjoy. Here are some of the many, many highlights in this release…

NEW!Contact Forms Enhanced Addon
The new Contact Forms Enhanced Addon is just what you need if contact form management is important to you. The new addon captures contact form submissions that you receive from the Contact Form Advanced widget. The data is stored in your EverWeb Client Area and can be exported out to CSV file format. This data can then be used for customer email newsletter lists, surveys, promotions and marketing purposes. As well as customer reporting and management features, Contact Forms Enhanced Addon allows your customers to upload files directly to your EverWeb Client Area!

Contact Forms Enhanced is a great addon for any business, helping you to retain existing customers and grow your business by keeping track of potential new customers! Contact Forms Enhanced Addon starts at $29.95USD per year for 1000 form submissions and 1GB of File Server space for uploads. You can purchase from within the Contact Form Advanced widget itself or from your EverWeb Client Area.

Check out the new Contact Forms Enhanced Addon promo video!

NEW! Assets List Organizer
One of the best features of EverWeb 3.0 is an updated Assets Tab featuring the new Assets List Organizer. You can now create folders and sub-folders in the Assets List, using the ‘+’ button, within which you can organize your images and external files. This feature is a boon for anyone who has a lot of image files in the Assets List. The new Organizer makes it easy for you to create asset folders corresponding to the pages of your website to store.

The Assets List up/down Settings arrows have been replaced with a shiny new settings cog which has the same functionality as before.

NEW! Great New Contact Form Advanced Widget Features
In addition to the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon, the Contact Form Advanced Widget itself gains lots of new and enhanced features. You can now create your own styled ‘Submit’ button, choose a modern or classic form box style, add placeholder text to Form Controls, hide Form Control Labels and add SPAM protection to your form using Google’s reCAPTCHA. Selection Lists have been aded as a new Form Control so you can select multiple items in a form listbox. You can even import lists from text files. This is great for when you have a long list to add in to the widget, for example a list of countries. The Widget Settings have also been rearranged to make everything a little easier to find!

NEW! Blog Pagination
EverWeb 3.0 adds blog pagination so you can set the number of posts per page that you want to see on the main and archive pages. Pagination buttons at the bottom of the page allow your visitors to choose to go to the first, next, previous, last page or to a specific page of blog post listing. Pagination buttons are fully customizable so you can easily match them to the look of your website!

The other addition to the main and archive pages is that you can now add an ‘Image Cover’ giving your post the ‘Hero’ image look. Blogging has also many bug fixes in EverWeb 3.0 so this is a great update for bloggers!

NEW! Theme Template Downloader
When checking for Theme Template updates via the EverWeb-> Check for New ThemeTemplates… menu option, you’ll now see the all new Theme Template Downloader. The Downloader displays all of new Theme Templates that are available for download. You can preview a Theme just by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button next to the Theme. By default, all of the Themes listed are checked for download. Just click on the checkmark to deselect or reselect a Theme. The settings cog at the bottom of the dialog box lets you ‘Check All’ or ‘Check None’. The Theme Template Downloader helps you select and customize the list of Themes that you want to see in Theme Template Chooser.

NEW! Widgets Improvements!
Many of EverWeb’s widgets have been optimized for better speed and performance. All widgets can now use Fill Options if you want to add a background color or image to your widget. If a widget includes the Styled Text Editor, you can now expand its editor making adding and editing text a lot easier. There’s also a new ‘Remove Formatting’ button in the Styled Text Editor’s Toolbar which does exactly what it says!

The PayPal widget gains a customizable styled Pay button, the FlexBox widget top and bottom margins and there are many other little tweaks and performances to many of EverWeb’s other widgets making your work just that bit easier!

Update or Trying Out EverWeb
If you already have EverWeb and a current Support and Update plan, EverWeb will advise you that a new update is available when you next launch it. Alternatively, just click on the EverWeb-> Check for Update… menu in EverWeb itself to download the update or go to the EverWeb website and download the new version from there.

EverWeb’s installation process is also a little different with version 3.0. Now, when downloaded, EverWeb creates a .DMG file. Double click on this to install the product. After a few moments a window will appear asking you to drag the EverWeb icon over the Applications folder icon. Once you have done this, EverWeb will finish installing and can be launched. You can then close the installation window, delete the .DMG file and drag and drop the EverWeb disk image icon that may be on your desktop to the Trash can where it will be ‘ejected’.

EverWeb 3.0 is a huge release with lots of brand new features that make building your website even easier and more productive than ever! Download the release today to enjoy all of its new features!

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