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Adobe Muse Support Ends Soon! Is EverWeb the Best Alternative?

As most Muse users will already know, Adobe discontinued its website building software product, in March 2018 with a final feature update release. Although Muse itself has been discontinued, technical support for all active Creative Cloud users continues until March 26, 2020.

After technical support ends, current Muse users will still be able to use the product but should also be looking for a replacement product. One alternative to try is EverWeb. Whilst no product can replace Muse directly, in this blog we look at the similarities of Muse and EverWeb as well as some of the strengths of EverWeb

Key Common Features

Here’s a summary of some of the features Muse and EverWeb have in common…

  1. Both are drag and drop website builders.
  2. There’s need to code in either product unless you want to.
  3. Websites you build can be in either a fixed width or responsive (fluid) design style.
  4. You can create your own boiler templates (called Master Pages in EverWeb).
  5. Asset Management gives you control of all of the media files used in your website design.
  6. Navigation menus can be easily created automatically.
  7. Highly flexible and customizable contact forms built in.
  8. Rulers and breakpoints are available to fine tune your page designs
  9. Royalty Free Stock Image Library so you can find and use just the images you want
  10. Like Muse, you can host your website with EverWeb’s own hosting service, or choose your own. It’s up to you!

Key EverWeb Features
EverWeb is designed to make building a website easy and effortless. The UI is designed to make typically complex tasks and concepts simple and easy to complete for both novices and advanced website developers alike. EverWeb does all of the hard work behind the scenes. Most EverWeb features are just one or two mouse clicks away and adding, editing and deleting objects such as text, shapes, images and media is straightforward and intuitive. EverWeb’s other key features include…

  1. SEO built directly in to EverWeb. In addition, the SEO for EverWeb Video Course helps you make maximise the SEO potential of your website
  2. EverWeb’s royalty free stock image library contains over 500,000 free to use stock images
  3. EverWeb includes more than 150 free theme templates for you to use in your design. Each theme includes a variety of different page designs to get your website up and running quickly. All pages of a theme template can be customized as you like!
  4. 24 built in widgets let you expand the capability of your website often highly customisable features included!There are also hundreds of third party widgets also available, both free and to purchase.
  5. Regular Product Updates! EverWeb is regularly updated with new and improved features, typically three to four times a year. As of this writing EverWeb version 3.2 is almost ready for release!
  6. Support when you need it. EverWeb provides technical support 7x24x365 for those with a current license. You also have access to the EverWeb Discussion Forum.
  7. Third party support is an important feature of any website product and EverWeb has a host of third party widget and theme template developers so that you can find just what you need if what you are looking for is not in the product itself.

Key EverWeb Differentiators
EverWeb comes with many exceptional features that should please Muse users…

  1. Complete Built In E-Commerce. EverWeb’s PayPal widget takes the hard work out of building your own E-Commerce pages. Many PayPal features are built directly in to the widget, so you can spend more time building your website in EverWeb and less time in PayPal! It’s easy to build your own online store quickly with customization options that let you create exactly the e-store you always wanted! If you use other e-commerce solutions, they’re also easy to integrate in to EverWeb.
  2. A Complete Blogging Environment. Whilst Muse does include blogging, it’s not core to the Muse experience. In EverWeb, blogging is integrated tightly into the product so that it works seamlessly and effortlessly. You can import blog posts from WordPress with just a few mouse clicks, create draft blog posts, customize the look of your blog with image and pagination options and add a comment engine via Disqus or Facebook Comments integration. EverWeb also includes a built-in RSS Feed widget
  3. EverWeb is Yours To Keep! EverWeb is a product that when purchased is yours to keep forever. EverWeb installs locally to your hard disk and you can create your website either on your local hard disk or in The Cloud. Your purchase includes one year of product updates and support. If you don’t want to renew your license after a year you still keep the version of EverWeb you originally purchased. You keep the software and the websites that you created.
  4. EverWeb Addons Expand Your Options
    EverWeb also includes a couple of great add-ons to expand your website’s options and capabilities!

    1. Site Shield Addon. This EverWeb add-on is the one click solution for end to end data encryption of your website. If you have an EverWeb+Hosting account, your site gets upgraded to HTTPS when published so you get an SEO boost as well as increased security. This addon is free to any EverWeb+Hosting 10GB or higher account.
    2. Contact Forms Enhanced Addon. Enhance your contact form by adding backend database abilities. You can store email submission data and file uploads to your EverWeb account area. This is a great way to hold all your contact form responses in one easy to access location. Form submission data can easily be exported and files your customers may have uploaded to you can easily be downloaded. A range of Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on plans are available to suit everyone.

    Product Similarities and Differences
    There are, of course, differences between Muse and EverWeb, and indeed any other web design product that you may be looking at as a replacement to Muse. That’s inevitable and there can never be a perfect match available for Muse users. EverWeb is now in its seventh year with new and exciting features released every few months.

    You Can Try EverWeb Absolutely Free
    Why not try EverWeb as a replacement for Muse? The EverWeb download is the full product with only the ability to publish disabled. If you like the product and purchase it later on, you won’t lose what you have already created.

    If you’re using Muse today, there’s still time to decide on which product will eventually replace it. If you like what you see with EverWeb, or have a question about the product or on any aspect of what you’ve read above, let us know in the Comments Section. We will do our best to help answer your question!

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