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EverWeb 3.2 Is Here! New Contact Form Advanced Features, Master Page Features and More!

EverWeb version 3.2 comes only a relatively short time after the inline 3.1.7 release. As you would expect there are plenty of new and improved features in the new release. Here are the highlights:

New Contact Form Advanced Widget Features
The Contact Form Advanced Widget goes from strength to strength and EverWeb 3.2 adds even more features and flexibility! The updated widget can now send your visitor an email confirmation when they hit the Submit button. The email can be customized and can also include fields from within the contact form itself. Note that you need to have Google reCAPTCHA SPAM protection set up in the widget as well as the Contact Form Enhanced addon to use this feature.

Customization also comes to the submitted form emails. You can now remove the branding aspects on the form e.g. the upgrade and account login links. This feature requires that you have the Contact Form Enhanced, although it does not have to be actively used in the form.

Another useful new feature is that the contact form can now redirect users to the page of your choice when they hit the Submit button!

Scroll Position Now Works for Responsive Websites!
This is something that many users have been asking for! Yes, Scroll Position now can be used in responsive websites! EverWeb 3.2 includes a new feature where you can ‘Set Selected Object as Scroll Position…’ You can find this option in the Scroll Position Toolbar and in EverWeb’s Insert menu. You can anchor to any object in fixed or responsive page layouts. The ‘Insert Fixed Scroll Position’ in the Toolbar (or Insert-> Fixed Scroll Position in the menu) should only be used for fixed width websites as it insert a Scroll Position line across the page as in previous versions of EverWeb.

New Master Page Features!
If you have always wanted to know which pages in your website are attached to which Master Page, worry no more! Just click on the Master Page you want in the Web Page list and all of the pages that use it will be highlighted! Easy and simple!

If you have ever created a Master Page when you really wanted to create a regular page, that’s now no longer a problem! Just drag and drop the page from the Master Page section in to the regular page section of the Web Page List and a copy of the Master page will be created! And, of course, you can already drag and drop regular pages into the Master Page section of the Web Page List if you want to!

Pagination Comes to the Image Gallery Widget
The original Image Gallery widget hasn’t had an update for quite a while so the addition of customizable top and bottom pagination buttons is welcome. If you are familiar with the customizable pagination buttons used in EverWeb’s blogging feature, you’ll be up to speed immediately in the Image Gallery widget.

EverWeb Cache File Manager
EverWeb creates its own cache files for preview and publishing tasks. If you’re low on disk space on your computer, things can slow down so you will need to manage your disk space. EverWeb’s cache file manager may be able to help you reclaim some disk space. Just go to the EverWeb-> Preferences-> Backup menu. Click on the Manage Cache Files… button. You can clear the cache files used by Preview and Publish. You can also clear old backup files if you want.

Upgrading to the Latest Version of EverWeb
If you have an EverWeb Update and Support plan, you will be notified that an update is available next time you log in to EverWeb. You can also use the EverWeb-Check for Update… menu option to manually check.

If you have any questions about the new version of EverWeb, please let us know in the Comments Section below. We’re happy to help!

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