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EverWeb PowerUp Adds New Free Blog Search Widget!

When you’re building your website with EverWeb, you’ll usually find all the tools that you need right within the product itself. There may be times, though, when you need to look beyond EverWeb to find exactly the right theme or widget that you want. EverWeb has an ever growing list of third party providers with EverWeb PowerUp amongst them! The EverWeb PowerUp site offers many free to use EverWeb Theme Templates and Widgets and has recently released their new Blog Search widget.

EverWeb PowerUp’s Blog Search Widget
The Blog Search widget is free and does just what it says, letting your visitors search your website’s blog posts! To get hold of the widget, just go to the EverWeb PowerUp website and download the Blog Search widget from the Widgets page. When the download has finished, you will find a folder called ‘Blog Search Widgets 1.0’ in your Downloads folder. Inside the folder are actually TWO widgets together with a Rich Text File that tells you all about the widgets and how they work.

To install the widgets, just double click on each of them. The widgets will be added directly to the Widgets tab in EverWeb.

Using the Blog Search Widgets
The two widgets you install for blog searching are very specific in where, and how, they should be used:

  1. The widgets can be used only with EverWeb version 3.2 or higher
  2. The widgets can be used either as fixed as full width objects, so can be easily added to fixed and responsive websites alike. When using the widgets in a responsive website, you don’t need to add them in to a Responsive Row widget unless you have a specific need that requires you to do this.
  3. The Blog Archive Search Widget must be added to your blog archive page only.
  4. The Blog Search External Widget can be added to any other page in your site.
  5. You must have the Blog Archive Search Widget installed in order for the Blog Search External Widget to work properly
  6. The link to your blog must be set up correctly in the Blog Search External Widget, either as an absolute URL or as a relative URL.

Extensive Widget Features for Full Customization
The Blog Search widgets can easily be customized to suit your website’s look. It’s also easy to change all the labels used to suit the language that your site uses. Fonts and colors can also be easily adjusted and even the search magnifying glass can be scaled to exactly the size that you want!

You can limit the search to just the blog post title, or its contents or both, and you can open the results in a new window if you want.

EverWeb PowerUp’s new Blog Search widgets are incredibly customizable and versatile! It’s recommended that you look through the Rich Text File for full installation instructions to get the best out of these widgets.

More Widgets From EverWeb PowerUp
There are also some other great free to use widgets from EverWeb PowerUp. Here’s a quick round up…

  • Fake Loader: This is a super useful widget for when you have a website page that you know will take a long time to load in a browser window. The Fake Loader will help distract your visitors whilst the heavy page loads in the background!
  • Cookie Bar: If your website is within the EU or your clients are within the Eu, you will probably need to use the Cookie Bar in order to comply with local privacy laws. The widget lets you easily add accept, decline and view privacy policy buttons either at the top or bottom of your page. All labels are also customizable for any language you may need.
  • Dropdown Menu: A simple dropdown menu that’s activated when you click on the button! Great for when you need to have an extra menu on the page but don’t want it taking up space! Again, this widget is super customizable!
  • Image Compare: This is the perfect widget for when you want to compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ images. The slider can be either horizontal or vertical, and you can adjust the start position of the splitter giving you extra flexibility.

EverWeb PowerUp is a great third party site for all EverWeb users to enjoy with simple, flexible and highly customizable widgets and Theme Templates.

tour of the widgets in our third party site

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