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EverWeb Garden: Grow Your Widget Collection!

It’s not often that you get the chance to grab up to 60 widgets for EverWeb absolutely free, but new EverWeb third party provider – EverWeb Garden – is offering just that! All you need to do is go over to the EverWeb Garden website and sign up to take advantage of this incredible offer. You’ll need to act soon though as the offer is only open until 25 August.

EverWeb Garden’s widgets are currently in beta but in our testing we haven’t come across any real problems so far. If you do download and use the widgets and get any issues, contact EverWeb Garden directly for assistance.

With 60 widgets available, there’s a lot of choice. All of the widgets feature great customization options are designed with EverWeb website developer needs in mind. Most widgets are full width widgets but there are also some fixed width widgets that will need to be placed within a Responsive Row widget when used in a responsive page layout.

Here’s our top 5 EverWeb Garden Widget picks…

  1. Full Calendar Widget The calendar can be used in both fixed width and responsive websites and has month, week and day views. You can even have list views if you prefer to see all the events in your calendar for the day, week or month. The calendar picks up your default font style from the Format-> Default Styles… menu so it immediately blends in with your site. The calendar’s Header area is highly customizable so you can tailor the look, and the features you want to show, in just a few seconds. You add events to the calendar using the Events control. Here you can set date and times for events and you can even include blackout dates. Events can be linked to a URL, a page in your website or to a file. The calendar is a great way to keep your visitors up to date with your events!
  2. EWG Popup on Scroll Widget If you ever wanted a popup box to appear when you scroll down a page, this is the widget for you! The popup overlays the page. You can set a time delay for the popup to display as well as set the position the popup as you want. You can also choose to allow your visitor to dismiss the popup either by clicking on the close button in the popup or on the page background. There are options to include an image in the popup and a button which can be used to take your visitor to a different page in your site, to an external page or to activate a link to file. The widget is highly customizable so you can easily style the popup box itself, the image, text and button. If you are knowledgable in HTML, you may prefer to use the Popup on Scroll HTNL widget instead.
  3. Google Pie Chart This is a fixed width widget, so if you are using it in a responsive page, you will need to add it in to a Responsive Row widget. The widget uses Google’s Pie Chart API but you enter your item names and values directly in to the widget. The Pie can be either round, ring donut shaped or 3D round. Each piece of the pie can have its own custom color and you can make the piece stand out from the whole pie using the visibility threshold slider. The Pie Chart’s Legend, Title and background color can also be fully customized.
  4. Responsive Searchable Table This widget is a boon for those who need tabulation features within a page. The widget is responsive so will adapt automatically when being displayed on any device when used in a responsive page layout. To use the widget you add as many columns as you need using the Table Columns section of the widget. When you add a column, you then can add the number of rows that you want for that column. The default number is four but you can have more or less as you require. There is also an option to import column data if you have data stored elsewhere that you want to easily import. The table can be searchable if required simply by checking the ‘Allow Searching’ box. As you would expect, the table can be fully styled to match the requirements of your website, and there are even options specifically designed for viewing the table in a responsive page layout. Additionally, EverWeb Garden also includes two other table type widgets: A Price Table widget and a Data table widget.
  5. SoundCloud Widget If you’re a SoundCloud user, you’ll enjoy this widget! Embed your SoundCloud track directly in to your website just by entering its URL in to the widget. In addition to the default Play button, you also have optional Like (mislabelled as Buy in the beta version), Share and Download buttons. It’s a great, simple widget that can be used as a full width or fixed width object on your page.

There are plenty more original widgets available from EverWeb Garden checkout the EverWeb Garden website and pick up the widgets you want to enhance your website before the free download period ends!

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