Adding Vimeo Videos in EverWeb
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Adding Vimeo Videos in EverWeb

Video is a great way to promote and market your website, especially across social media. YouTube is usually the first platform that we think of, but there are many others, and the market today is becoming ever more crowded with new entrants such as IGTV, Tik Tok expanding the format and reach of video. Established brands too, such as FaceBook, are leveraging off their user base to make video more front and center than ever.

One brand that has been around a long time is Vimeo which was established in New York back in 2004. The initial premise of the Vimeo platform was to provide High Definition, curated content across a range of devices. To differentiate itself from the competition, Vimeo gives its users video creation and editing tools and there are also broadcast and enterprise software solutions available for the products business professionals.

Choices, Choices and More Choices!

If you are a subscriber to Vimeo you may already use EverWeb’s built in Vimeo Widget that has been available since EverWeb version 1.0. There are also Vimeo widgets from third party providers such as EverWeb Garden and EverWeb Widgets. Note that third party widgets may be free or for purchase. The last option for Vimeo users is to embed code from Vimeo into your page in EverWeb using the HTML Snippet widget. Here’s a round up of the options that are currently available:

EverWeb’s Built In Vimeo Widget
As already mentioned, the Vimeo widget has the distinction of being available in EverWeb since the product’s first release! The widget is basic in that you only need to provide the Vimeo video URL in the ‘Video URL’ field of the Vimeo widget to add a Vimeo video to your page. The widget was updated after the release of EverWeb 2.8 so that it can be used as a full width object in Responsive Page Layouts. Additionally, you can also set the maximum width of the widget on the page in the Widget Settings.

EverWeb Garden’s Plyr Vimeo Widget
The third party widget, Plyr Vimeo Widget, comes from EverWeb Garden. Widgets from EverWeb Garden are often free to download and use with about 60 widgets currently available. The Plyr Vimeo widget expands on EverWeb’s default widget by offering a number of Player Settings so that you can customize the look of the widget to meet your needs. Highlights of this widget include setting a default volume, options for the size and positioning of the Play button and the ability to include a restart button, mute button, settings menu, fast forward/backwards controls and links to Vimeo videos.

EverWeb Widgets Vimeo Widgets
The second third party provider of Vimeo widgets is EverWeb Widgets which has a variety of Vimeo themed widgets on offer so that you and your visitors get the best, most flexible experience possible. EverWeb Widgets are sold in packs: The Video Widgets pack includes four different Vimeo widgets so that you can have videos at full screen, with transparency overlays, text wrapping features and basic playback and pause features. The widgets in the pack are also designed to be used on Responsive Page Layouts and are designed to improve your SEO.

If you are looking for Vimeo widgets for a Fixed Width Page Layout, EverWeb Widgets also has you covered with a Vimeo widget in the Website Elements 2 pack and a widget for mobile pages available in the Mobile Containers pack.

Embedding Vimeo HTML Code
The last option for adding Vimeo videos to your pages is to use code generated in Vimeo in your EverWeb website. The advantage of embedding code rather than using a widget is that it may be more beneficial to your SEO to do so.

To embed a video from Vimeo in EverWeb:

  1. Go to the video you want to use in Vimeo.
  2. Click on the Share button which has a paper plane icon.
  3. On the next screen highlight all of the code in the Embed section and copy this to the Clipboard
  4. Now go in to EverWeb and select the page on which you want to embed the video.
  5. Add the HTML Snippet widget to the page.
  6. Click in the HTML Code Snippet box and paste in the code from the Clipboard.
  7. Click on the Apply button to finish.
  8. Purview or publish your site to test.

You can also customize the Vimeo player size, text and play bar color. Remember to customize your player options before copying the Embed code to the Clipboard! The available customization options also vary depending on whether you have a paid for Vimeo account or not. You may find that you have more options available to you!

Vimeo is still regarded by many as the best platform for video and EverWeb has all your video embedding options covered!

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