Welcome to EverWeb 3.5! Apple Silicon Support, Website Search Widgets and More!
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BREAKING! EverWeb 3.5 Featuring Apple Silicon Support, Website Search and More!

It’s been quite a wait, but it’s been worth the wait! EverWeb 3.5 is now available featuring native support for Macs using Apple Silicon, website search and much more! Find out the details below…

New EverWeb Logo
To coincide with the release of Apple Big Sur and its use of more iOS style icons, EverWeb’s updated its logo and macOS icon too! It’s a great new “little” update! The EverWeb User Manual has also been updated as well as EverWeb’s website.

Apple Silicon Native Support Comes to EverWeb!
If you have a Mac featuring an Apple Silicon chip, EverWeb will work natively without the need to use Rosetta 2. As EverWeb now uses a universal binary, as you would also expect, version 3.5 continues to run natively on Intel Macs too!

Introducing Website Search
In addition to supporting Apple Silicon, the tentpole feature of EverWeb 3.5 is website search! Two new widgets have been added to EverWeb’s default set of widgets: The Search Field and Search Results widgets. These powerful widgets allow you to add flexible, customizable search options to your website without having to use any external resources. You set up your own keywords that you want to use for Search and you can display search results in three different ways: As a dropdown list, on a separate search results page or in a popup window. The choice is yours!

The Search bar in the Search Field is also incredibly customizable so you can easily and quickly match it to the look of your own website!

Blog Post Short Summaries
If your website includes a blog, you can now take advantage of EverWeb 3.5’s Short Summary feature. This new feature allows you to add a brief description of your blog post. This description is displayed in internet search results instead of the first few lines of the blog post itself. This is very useful as the short summary can be used as an effective hook for potential visitors to your blog. You can also add keywords in to the blog post using the associated Keywords section, so helping to boost your SEO!

Open Graph Tags
The new Open Graph Tag feature is an under the hood improvement to help social media look better in your website’s pages, leveraging from FaceBook’s Open Graph tag. The Open Graph tag is automatically applied as needed when you publish your website.

Publishing Improvements
As usual, EverWeb continues to tweak publishing to give you faster publishing and leaner pages on the web using the latest advancements in coding and programming!

EverWeb 3.5’s new Search feature and native support for Apple Silicon Macs are the standout highlights of the new release, but there are lots of other minor feature additions and enhancements that will help make designing and publishing your website easier than ever! We will be covering the new features of EverWeb 3.5 in the coming weeks!

To update to the new version, just log in to EverWeb which should then prompt you to update with an Update EverWeb dialog box. If you do not see this dialog box when logging in you can use the EverWeb-> Check for Updates menu option instead.

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