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EverWeb 3.5.1… Not Just a Maintenance and Stability Release!

Typically after a major release, EverWeb gets a tidy up, maintenance and stability, release soon afterwards to iron out any wrinkles found in the product once it’s in the hands of the public. EverWeb’s latest ‘maintenance and stability’ release is version 3.5.1 but this release is a little different as it includes some new and enhanced features that are worth a look at in their own right. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest release…

New To EverWeb 3.5.1
Many of the new features in EverWeb 3.5.1.will help improve your workflow and so save you time and effort…

New Multiple Selection Feature for Assets Lists
If you’re using widgets that include an Assets List, you can now select multiple rows in the list and the adjust settings for all of the selected Assets at the same time. Previously you would have to change the settings for each asset individually.

An Assets List in a widget can differ depending on the widget you are using, for example, in the Contact Forms Advanced Widget it would be the Form Controls list. You could, for example, select multiple assets and change the Control Type for them all to become a TextBox or Radio Button without having to select each asset in turn to change its Control Type.

The FlexBox widget is another example, in this case the widget uses an Embedded Objects List. You can now update some, or all, of the objects in the list at the same time e.g. to increase the maximum width to a different value for all selected objects at the same time, rather than having to change each embedded object individually.

It’s easy to select one, or more, objects in a list in the Widget Settings of a widget. If you want to select a continuous list of items in the list, select the first object in the list, then hold down the Shift key and then select the last item in the list. Once all of the items are selected you can apply the change you want.

If you want to select list items that are not in a continuous list, click on the first item in the list then hold down the command key and click on all of the other items in the list that you want to include. Once you have finished, release the Command key. If you have forgotten to include an item in the list, just hold the Command key down again and click on the item you want.

Selecting Objects in Assets List
Whilst you can select multiple assets in a list, there are some widgets where this feature will not work. This will be where the settings can only be applied to the whole list and not to individual assets in the list e.g. the Image Gallery and Responsive Image Gallery widgets. In both these cases, the Widget Settings can only be applied to the widget as a whole and not to individual assets.

New and Improved Quick Look!
Whilst we’re still on the subject of EverWeb’s Image Gallery widgets, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now use ‘Quick Look’ to preview the images in the Assets Lists for these widgets. In fact in any widget that includes an Assets List for displaying images. To use Quick Look, highlight the image asset in the Assets List of the widget and press Spacebar. You’ll see an instant preview!

The good news here is that if you have more than one image asset in the Assets List, you can preview the next asset straight away just by pressing down arrow. This feature also applies to image assets in the Assets tab. This was a feature before EverWeb 2.9 that somehow disappeared but now it’s back!

New Features for The FlexBox Widget
The FlexBox widget now includes button border color and border radius settings in both normal and hover (mouse down) modes. You can now also set a maximum width for the button itself and there’s an additional option to set the opacity of the background color of the button.

New and Improved Search and SEO Features!
In EverWeb 3.5, when using the new Search Field widget, if you had not filled in the page’s Web Page Description field in the Page Settings tab, if that particular page was found as part of the search, it would be titled as ‘No Title’ in the search results set. In EverWeb 3.5.1 EverWeb now uses the File Name title instead if the Web Page Description field has not been filled in.

If you are using Keywords to help you with Search or SEO, EverWeb 3.5.1 now lets you copy and paste a comma separated list of keywords directly into the Keywords section of the Search Engine Optimization section of the Page Settings tab. You can type in the list of Keywords directly into the field, separating each word with a comma then pressing Enter when done. Alternatively, you can create the list elsewhere e.g. in a word processing app, then copy and paste the list in to the field. Press enter and the list will be parsed in to separate Keyword items. You can also use this feature for Blog Post Keywords.

Other Improvements…
…and there are still some more minor tweaks for example, you can now delete an object in a Responsive Row widget by secondary (right) clicking on it then selecting ‘Remove from Responsive Row’ from the sub menu.

You can also now double click on a Master Page object in a regular page (i.e. an object that has a black page icon in its top right hand corner) to be taken directly to the Master Page itself.

Good To Know Fixes in EverWeb 3.5.1
The most important fixes in this release are listed below, fixing issues found in EverWeb 3.5 and also from some previous versions of the product.

  1. Shapes with ‘No Fill’ and a border were not being published properly.
  2. There was an issue with updating blogs in macOS 10.16 which have been fixed.
  3. The blog cover image which was not appearing when using macOS 10.16 now displays correctly!
  4. You can now use the Image Gallery widget’s Pagination Buttons again in the Editor Window.
  5. File links had stopped working in widgets that use the Styled Text Editor. This has now been fixed.
  6. Insert-> Date & Time menu option now works again for non-English configured macs.
  7. Problems when using FTP publishing for servers that require TLS for data and control connections has been fixed.
  8. Widgets will now respect default hyperlink styles that have been set using Format->Default Styles… menu option.
  9. Fixes to full width shapes within the Responsive Row Widget.

EverWeb 3.5.1 is quite a big release for a Maintenance and Stability release! It’s a recommended download.

If you have any questions about this post, please let us know in the Comments Section below!

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