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So, How Well Do You Think You Know EverWeb?

As we sneak the end of the first month of 2022, we thought it would be a fun to relax a bit after getting back in to gear this last month. With that in mind, why not test your EverWeb knowledge with our quiz? Do you think you’re an EverWeb guru or are you a novice? There’s no prize, just the satisfaction of knowing you’re an EverWeb Guru if you get everything right! 🙂

Give yourself one point for each correct answer!

The Questions!

  1. When was EverWeb first Launched?
  2. How many ways can you add a page to your EverWeb Project?
  3. Only one of EverWeb’s default widgets has ever been removed from the product. Which one?
  4. Without looking first… which keyboard short cut key would you use to call up EverWeb’s Preferences window?
  5. If you want to see just your page in the Editor Window without the Web Page List, Toolbar and Inspector visible, what’s the quickest way to do this?
  6. How many page layout types are there in EverWeb?
  7. How do you duplicate a blog post in EverWeb?
  8. When you create a Hyperlink, you can link to four different different ways… what are they?
  9. <liIf you have created a regular page that you would like to be a Master Page, how would you do this?

  10. How many different languages is available in?

The Answers
For each correct answer, give yourself one point…

  1. November 2013
  2. There are four ways: The Add Page button, File-> New Page, Secondary clicking in the Web Page List and selecting New Page from the dropdown menu or using the Commnad+N shortcut.
  3. The Google+ widget was removed from EverWeb in version 3.3. after Google shuttered its social media service.
  4. You would use the Command plus comma keystrokes to call up EverWeb’s Preferences.
  5. Use Window-> P
    resentation Mode
  6. Hmmm… this can be a bit of a tricky one to answer… if you use the Page Layout dropdown menu, there are three page layout types: Left Aligned, Centered and Responsive. If you are using a Theme Template, there’s also a Mobile page layout available, which makes four in all. Give yourself a point if you answered three or four.
  7. Go to the Blog page then secondary (right) click on the post you want to duplicate, then select the ‘Duplicate’ option from the menu.
  8. You can Hyperlink to: One of My Pages, An External File, A File and an Email Address.
  9. You would drag the regular page in to the Master Page section of the Web Page List. This creates a copy of the regular page as a Master Page.
  10. Ten, or eleven if you count the two Chinese versions!: English, French, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish. You get one point if you had either answer!

How Did You Score?
If you scored…

  • 9-10 Correct: Guru Level! You’re an EverWeb Guru and have probably used EverWeb for quite a time!
  • 6-8 Correct: You’re doing great and know EverWeb pretty well!
  • 5 or less: EverWeb’s easy to use and we hope you find that it is too! Don’t worry, the test had a few tricky and obscure questions in it on purpose!

We hope you enjoyed our quiz! If you have any questions or want to know more about EverWeb and any of its features or functions, please drop us a line in the Comments Section below!

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