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Secure Your Website with EverWeb Site Shield Addon!

Each year the threat to your website and your customer data increases. In 2021 the estimated cost of cybercrime worldwide was over $6 Trillion and by 2025 the expected cost is estimated to exceed $10.5 Trillion. The cost of cybercrime doesn’t only fall on government institutions and big businesses, it often also affects small and medium businesses as well as consumers alike. The need to protect and secure your site and its data grows every year. Here are some good reasons why it’s worth investing in securing your site:

  1. A secure site stops, or reduces the risk, of it getting hacked
  2. A secure site will help stop your customers from being redirected from your site to malicious sites
  3. Your business will have a better reputation in the eyes of your existing, and potential, customers
  4. A secure site will stops you losing revenue
  5. You won’t have to pay a costly amount of time and money to fix your site if it gets hacked
  6. Your site won’t be at risk from being blacklisted
  7. Your site’s pages won’t be excluded from SEO searches by web crawlers
  8. You will retain your customers as they know your site is secure – you’ll earn trust in your site and in your business
  9. The data your site processes and your customer data will at much less risk of being stolen
  10. Your website won’t become slow, non-responsive or vulnerable to crashes

EverWeb Site Shield Addon Secures Your Site
Securing your site can be a long, difficult and time consuming process, but if you have an EverWeb+Hosting account, implementing security on your site is simple, straightforward and takes just minutes when you purchase EverWeb’s Site Shield Addon. EverWeb makes adding security to your site something that can be done in just a few mouse clicks. There are also some new security options that have been added for those using EverWeb 3.6 or higher, and again, these options can be applied just by checking the options that you want to use.

If you use EverWeb but host with your own provider, you should be able to add security to your site but this will be a manual process which you will need to consult your hosting provider about.

EverWeb Site Shield Addon Features
EverWeb Site Shield Addon is available for $39.95USD/year ($29.95 per year for existing Site Shield Addon users who purchased prior to the release of EverWeb 3.6). If you have an EverWeb+Hosting 10GB or higher account, Site Shield Addon is FREE for you. Site Shield Addon includes the following main features:

  1. HTTPS secures your website(s) in just a few mouse clicks
  2. Your sites will end to next data encrypted
  3. Your site will be ranked higher by search engines such as Google who prioritise HTTPS sites over HTTP sites
  4. Your visitors will see a padlock symbol beside your site’s name in browser search bars indicating that the site is secure
  5. Gzip compression is included enabling faster website loading in the browser
  6. Advanced Security features, available when using EverWeb 3.6 or higher.

Advanced Site Shield Addon Security Options
In this post we’ve only looked at what EverWeb Site Shield is and how it works to secure your site. The features that we’ve discussed relate to any version of EverWeb that supports EverWeb Site Shield, i.e. EverWeb 2.4 or higher. If you are using EverWeb 3.6, or higher, you also have access to a powerful set of new security options. These options will take your website security to the next level! For more information checkout our blog post on EverWeb Site Shield’s Advanced Security Features!

Purchasing Site Shield Addon and Setting Up
One of the great things about Site Shield Addon is how easy it is to purchase and set up. It’s recommended that you use EverWeb 3.6, or higher, so that you have access to the Advanced security features mentioned above. You can also run Site Shield Addon if a version back to EverWeb from version 2.4 but without the Advanced options. Once you have the version of EverWeb that supports Site Shield Addon installed, all you need to do to purchase it is to go to the Site Publishing Settings screen via the File-> Edit Publishing Settings menu or by clicking on your project’s name in the Web Page List. Next check the ‘Use HTTPS Secure URLs’ checkbox and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Once you have installed Site Shield Addon, you can use it for any website in your domain. There’s no set up required, unless you want to use the Advanced options which requires the checking of a few checkboxes. Once you are ready, publish the entire site using the File-> Publish Entire Site. Once the site has been published, view it in your browser. You will see in the browser search bar that HTTP has changed to HTTPS and that there is a padlock symbol displayed beside the URL to indicate to your visitors that this is a secure site. That’s all there is to it!

EverWeb’s Site Shield Addon is the simple, carefree way to securing your website!

If you have any questions about Site Shield Addon, or anything about EverWeb, please let us know in the Comments section below, we’re happy to help!

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