EverWeb 3.9 New Stripe Widget, Dividers, HTML Tags and More!
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All You Need to Know About EverWeb 3.9: Dividers, NEW Stripe Widget, HTML Tags and So Much More!

The new release of EverWeb, version 3.9, is packed full of great new features as well as some useful additions to existing features and widgets. The new EverWeb release is also compatible with macOS Ventura (macOS 13) as a native app on both Intel and Apple Silicon platforms.

Here’s the lowdown on what you can find in the latest EverWeb release…

New Stripe Payment Widget
EverWeb’s PayPal widget is now joined by the Stripe Payment widget if you a payment alternative. The Stripe Payment widget leverages the products and services that you have set up in Stripe itself. The widget is fully featured and can be used with all page layout types. You can even use the widget as a full width object in a responsive page layout.

This is a simple but great new styling feature for almost any object in your website. Perhaps, though, it’s most useful with full width objects to help you separate out sections of your page more prominently. Dividers add top and bottom styling options to your page with seventeen different styling options available. Styles can be customized too. You can color the divider, flip it horizontally and vertically and even have the divider sitting within the object or outside if the object. There are almost endless styling possibilities for your site!

In previous versions of EverWeb, if you wanted to use Heading tags in EverWeb, you would have used the Heading Tags widget. Now in EverWeb 3.9 you can set up tags directly from the Text Inspector. Just highlight the text you want to set a Heading Tag for then select the tag you want from the ‘HTML Tag’ dropdown in the Text Inspector. The feature’s now called ‘HTML Tags’ as it now not only includes h1-h6 Heading Tags but also the ‘p’ paragraph tag.

New iWeb and WordPress Import Options
If you’re transitioning from iWeb or WordPress to EverWeb, it’s never been easier to import your blogs with the new File->Import menu options. As well as the new menu options, EverWeb’s also improved the import process. If you are coming from iWeb you can also now import your iWeb image galleries either from a URL or from a file.

Updated Widget Features
It’s always great when widgets get new features and EverWeb 3.9 delivers with the Text Section widget gaining a new ‘Insert Margins’ option. The Image Slider widget gains ALT Text for images and the Responsive Row widget gains a new overlap feature where two objects can be overlapped within the Responsive Row.

Dark Editor Mode for Blog Posts
If you’re using a light colored font for your blog posts, there’s now a new Dark Editor mode for the blog post editor so that you can more easily see your text. Just go to the blog post Settings cog and select the ‘Dark Editor’ menu option toggle!

Contact Forms Enhanced Updated!
EverWeb’s Contact Forms Enhanced Addon goes from strength to strength, and EverWeb 3.9 adding three new features: Confirmation emails from Contact Forms Enhanced Addon can now use the EverWeb Mail ‘Sending’ feature rather than SMTP details for easier configuration, you can download selected attachments from the EverWeb Client Area and Contact Forms Enhanced’s email editor now includes more advanced email merge tags.

EverWeb 3.9 is a big release, but as usual there’s always maintenance and security fixes included in every release, so it’s always worth keeping up to date with the latest release!

Let us know in the Comments Section below if you have any questions about the new release or if there’s anything you would like to see in a future release!

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