EverWeb 2022 Year Review!
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EverWeb’s Year In Review! 2022 – A Banner Year!

When looking back EverWeb in 2022, it’s surprising just how much has happened over the last year. As we start 2023, looking back, 2022 certainly was a banner year for EverWeb – three major app updates, one major new product release, solid updates to EverWeb’s first party addons plus more from third party providers! Here’s our yearly review for you to enjoy – check out what you might have missed!

EverWeb 2022 Product Updates
In one year EverWeb’s jumped from version 3.5.1 to 3.9.2…

  • EverWeb 3.6: January 2022
  • EverWeb 3.6.1: January 2022
  • EverWeb 3.7: April 2022
  • EverWeb 3.7.1: May 2022
  • EverWeb 3.8: August 2022
  • EverWeb 3.9: November 2022
  • EverWeb 3.9.1: December 2022
  • EverWeb 3.9.2″ December 2022

One notable thing is that maintenance releases (i.e. version ‘x.x.1’ type releases) have seen some feature additions or feature improvements in addition to the usual fixes. The last release of 2022, EverWeb 3.9.2, for example, introduced a new way of adding video and audio to blog posts.

The Big New Product of 2022
Speaking of maintenance releases in 2022, EverWeb version 3.9.1, when released, not only delivered some important fixes on the back of the 3.9 release, but also introduced EverWeb for Windows to the world! This is great news for many who have asked for this product over the years. It’s also good news for those who run mixed OS environments. Almost everything is the same when using the Windows version as it is for the macOS versions, except, obviously for specific differences mandated by the OS itself.

If you already have an EverWeb + Hosting plan, EverWeb for Windows is free for you! If you have an EverWeb Standalone account, you can purchase an additional one time only Multi Platform License. EverWeb for Windows runs on Windows 10 or higher.

We’ll have more features about EverWeb for Windows throughout 2023 for you!

EverWeb’s 2022 Highlights!
Over the year, EverWeb versions 3.6 – 3.9.2 added some great new features to the app. Here’s our best of EverWeb 2022 list!

  1. Dividers EverWeb’s Dividers feature debuted in EverWeb 3.9 and are great for adding super styling to your websites. There are 16 fully customizable divider styles to choose from. You can see dividers at work just by looking at the EverWeb home page!
  2. Inline Heading Tags Another new EverWeb 3.9 feature lets you add heading tags to your pages without using the Headings Tag widget. The new inline heading tags (called HTML tags) can be found in the Text Inspector tab and make adding, and styling, heading tags a breeze.
  3. New Stripe Widget Although PayPal is the the facto standard in the online payments world, there are plenty of other payments processors. EverWeb recently introduced the new Stripe widget to give our website developers more options in payment provider choice. And don’t forget that there are other third party options out there such as ECWID and EJunkie too!
  4. An Updated User Interface If you’re using macOS Big Sur or later, you’ll have noticed that EverWeb got a visual makeover in version 3.8. It now uses icons directly from Apple’s developer tools making the UI sleeker, more compatible with macOS and easier from a developer standpoint to maintain and update!
  5. Hyperlinking Steps Up! 2022 saw hyperlinking become consistent throughout EverWeb with all hyperlinking features becoming available wherever hyperlinking is available. In addition, EverWeb 3.7 also brought in the new ‘Force Download’ feature so that if a person clicks on a link which has a file attached, the file is automatically downloaded to their computer. Note that this feature is dependent on whether the browser used supports such an option.
  6. Fill SlideShow Early in 2022, EverWeb 3.6 introduced Fill SlideShow which is a Fill option on the Shape Options tab. Using this option can be a suitable alternative to using the SlideShow Widget as you can use Fill SlideShow for backgrounds to objects, such as in a Responsive Row widget.
  7. Mass Mailing Comes to Contact Forms For many EverWeb users, Contact Forms are a cornerstone of their website. In EverWeb 3.8, those using the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon saw the introduction of Mass Mailing to the addon. Now you can easily mass mail all, or a selection of your contact form responders easily from your EverWeb Client Area. There’s a built in Email Editor which is being continually updated too. Features already added include default settings options and smart tags!
  8. More Versatility from the Assets List Organizing assets can be time consuming if you have a lot of images, audio or video files in your pages. The introduction of EverWeb 3.8 lets you now group together assets on a page by page basis in just a couple of mouse clicks helping you stay organized without costing you time and effort.
  9. Blogging Gets Dark Editor Mode Our last highlight is the introduction of Dark Editor mode for EverWeb’s Blog Post Editor making editing light text colors on a dark background super easy.
    1. EverWeb First Party Adonis
      It was also been a busy year for EverWeb’s first party addon products! EverWeb Site Shield Addon added a wealth of advanced security features to help protect your site, and your visitors, even more than ever. These advanced features are available to EverWeb+Hosting plan users and bring complex, heavy weight security options to you at the click of a mouse button.

      Contact Forms were also in the spotlight in 2022 with the Contact Forms Enhanced Addon gaining a new mass emailing feature. The Contact Forms Advanced widget also gained lots of small, but no less important, additions throughout the year such as with new Mail Sending options and a ‘Required’ option for the Dropdown Menu Form Control.

      EverWeb Third Party Addons
      Last but not least, EverWeb’s third party providers also shone in 2022!

      1. EverWeb Garden It was a breakout year for EverWeb Garden with the introduction of over 70 new third party widgets. EverWeb Garden has three types of yearly widget plan: Standard, Premium and Agency. It looks as if 2023 could be a year to watch this garden grow!
      2. EverWeb Widgets Roddy McKay’s widgets continue to impress and his EverWeb Theme Kit gives you Professional Grade tools and features to take your site to the next level!
      3. EverWeb Galleries New to EverWeb Galleries in 2022 was full support for its widgets in EverWeb for Windows plus some border options for the Category Image Gallery Widget.
      4. EverWeb PowerUp The new Responsive Multi Level Dropdown Menu widget debuted in 2022 enabling you to add two submenu levels to your dropdown menus!

      So, quite a year! What you would like to see in 2023 from EverWeb or its third party providers? Let us know in the comments below.

      Happy New Year to all our AAI readers!

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