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NEW From EverWeb Garden: Music Sampler, Vertical Nav Menus & Service Estimator Widgets!

EverWeb third party provider, EverWeb Garden, has recently released three new Premium widgets. We are going to do an in depth review of their features below. To access and download these widgets, you’ll need a Premium level membership at EverWeb Garden, The Service Estimator widget requires EverWeb 3.8 or higher, whilst the Music Player Sampler and Responsive Navigation Menu widgets require EverWeb version 3.9 or higher, for Windows or macOS.

Music Player Sampler
Our first widget for review from EverWeb Garden is the Music Player Sampler widget. This widget allows you to create a list of music tracks for your visitors to sample. The widget displays a cover image for the music track, the title of the track being played and the artist name. The widget also includes player controls and a track list below the player controls. Almost all of the player’s features have color customization available.

When you add a song to the Music List, you can then add in the song’s title, artist’s name and add a cover image for the song. If you want your visitor to only sample a music track, set the desired preview time in the ‘Song Sample Time (secs)’ field. If you want your visitor to be able to listen to the whole track, set the value in this field to zero. Note that the Song Sample Time applies to all of the tracks in the ‘Music List’. If you have e.g. an album that you want visitors to sample, you can set the ‘Default Cover Image’ so that each song has the same cover using the ‘Default Cover Image’ field. If you use a ‘Cover Image’ for a track, this will override the ‘Default Cover Image’.

The music player interface can be customized so that you can set the player’s color and edge roundness. When the preview has finished the visitor will see a message about how to proceed to purchasing the full music track. Again the message and the dialog box in which the message is displayed are fully customizable.

The widget can be used in both fixed width and responsive pages. When using the widget in a responsive page though, it is best to embed it within a Responsive Row widget. This will give you greater control over the horizontal positioning of the widget on the page.

Vertical Navigation Menu Widget
The second Premium offering from EverWeb Garden is the Vertical Navigation Menu Widget. This is a responsive menu which offers you up to three levels of navigation. Although this is a responsive widget, you can also use it on fixed width (Center Aligned) pages. When you click on the hamburger menu button, the menu flies out from the left hand side of the browser window. If you prefer, you can check options to always have the menu displayed on desktop and/or tablet devices.

The menu items that you add can be linked to other pages within your EverWeb Project file, to external pages, or even to a file. In addition, you can set the width of the menu and also its complete color scheme. You can also change the font of the menu although this is feature is not in the Widget Settings. Simply click on the widget in the Editor Window to select it, then press Cmd+T on a Mac, or Ctrl+T on Windows, to call up the Fonts menu. Alternatively, you can use the Fonts button in the Toolbar. Select the font and style that you want. Note that you cannot change the font size, only the font and font style. The menu is great to use as it will give your site a nice modern feel.

Service Estimator Widget
The final widget in our review is the Service Estimator widget. As its title suggests, this widget enables your visitors to estimate the cost of products and services using a predefined form. If you’re familiar with EverWeb’s Contact Form Advanced widget, you’ll be right at home with EverWeb Garden’s Service Estimator widget. First of all, the widget is responsive ready, so it’s easy to use at full width on responsive pages in your site. You can, of course, use the widget easily on the Center Aligned page style too.

The widget uses form controls so that your visitor can click on a checkbox or radio button, select a choice from a dropdown menu, use a selection list or fill in a quantity field. Having the ability to use these controls in the widget makes it easy for you to build your own product/service estimator form. In addition, you can also specify a currency suffix, egg, USD and a currency prefix symbol, eg, ‘$’.

The form can be left, center or right aligned within its own selection box. The widget can also be made full width in the Metrics Inspector, and within the widget’s Widget Settings you can adjust margins and maximum content width controls as desired. You can also set the fonts that you want to use for the forms Main Header, Control Header and Control Style.

The Service Estimator widget is a great way for your visitors to price out combinations of your goods and services.

So, three very useful widgets from EverWeb Garden. For more information please go directly to the EverWeb Garden website.

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