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8 Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your EverWeb Blog

Blogging is a great way to expand on the topics that you don’t have the space for in the other pages of your site. You can go deeper in to a particular subject and give your blog visitor a great in depth read. Blogs are also a great way to communicate upcoming events, new products or new product features, important announcements and so on. EverWeb includes a fully featured blogging environment where you can craft the blog post with ease. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of blogging in EverWeb!

  1. Your Blog Post Title a Good One
    Your blog post title should be as eye-catching and enticing as possible. The aim is to get your post clicked upon! Titles that include a number, or address an issue of interest to your audience are more likely to be clicked upon. How-to-do titles and posts, posts that ask a question or titles that act as guides are also more clickable!

  2. SEO Your Blog Post
    It’s easy to just want to write your post and then click on the ‘Publish’ button, but it’s worth taking the time to do your SEO homework before you publish especially if getting a better page ranking in search results is important for you. having a good blog post title helps for a start as mentioned above, but you can also do more in for the post itself.

    First of all, try to put your blog post’s keywords or phrases in to the first paragraph of your post. Better still, within the first couple of sentences. If that’s not possible, that’s OK as content is always king and not SEO. Bear in mind, though, that if you don’t have your keywords or phrases high up in your post, is your post properly focused and on target?

    The next thing to remember is to always include a short summary about your post. When you do a search of the web in your browser you see your search results with a title and some text below the title. This text is your Short Summary (also known as an Excerpt). If you don’t add your own short summary, your search engine will take the first few lines of the post itself. So, it may be better to use a short summary to pen a quick summary of what the post is about.

    To include a Short Summary, select the post you want to create a summary for then click on the Settings Cog which is on the left hand side just under the list of blog posts. Select Post Options and enter in your Short Summary.

    When adding a Short Summary, don’t forget to also include your post’s keywords or key phrases as well in the Keywords section.

  3. Always Include an Image in Your Post
    A blog post should always have is an image included with the post. If you’re stuck with what image to use, try using EverWeb’s built in Free Stock Photos feature. Just click on the Media button in the Toolbar and then select ‘Free Stock Photos…’ from the menu. Enter the search criteria that you want, then drag and drop the image you want to use in the Assets List in the Assets Tab. In this way the image is then available to be selected as your Post Cover Image in the Blog Post’s Widget Settings.

  4. Images and Alt-Text
    Whether you add an image to your blog post as a cover image, or are including images in the blog post itself, remember to add Alt-Text for the images at the time that you add it to your post. For the Post Cover Image, just use the ALT Text field. For an image that you havre added in to the Blog Post Editor Window, first select the image then click on the ‘I’ icon and add your Alt-Text.

    When adding Alt-Text remember that this should describe the image itself as best and as succinctly as possible. Do not use this field for any other purpose.

  5. The Blog Post Preview Window is Used for ALL Posts
    The blog post environment consists of the Blog Post Editor Window and beneath it the Blog Post Preview Window. The Preview window gives you a live preview of your post as you enter text and images in to the Blog Post Editor.

    The Blog Post Preview Window is like a live Master Page. If you drag and drop images, social media buttons, widgets etc, in to this window, they will appear on all of your blog posts. So be careful about what you add in to this window. The alternative, is to just attach a Master Page to your blog ‘post’ page and not put anything in to the Preview Window at all.

  6. Drafting Your Posts
    Keeping your pipeline of ideas going when blogging can be tough, so why not use the posts page to put to put in your blog post ideas for the future. Simply add a title, and maybe sketch out your thoughts in the Blog Post Editor Window, then tick the Draft checkbox for the post in question to save it for another day. When you’re ready to finish the post, just uncheck the Draft checkbox for the post before publishing.

  7. Time Stamping Your Blog Post
    If you need to backfill your blog posts you can easily do this. For example, you have a product that has been updated twice, once two months ago, and once today. You’ve written the post about today’s update, but you forgot to post about the update that happened two months ago. No problem… for the post you missed out on doing, simply change the date and time in of the post. Double click on its date and enter a date that is two months ago. When you publish the blog, you will then have two posts, one with an update from two months ago and one with an update from today.

  8. Keep Your Posts Organized!
    Our final tip is to make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your library of posts. You can set up Navigation Links in the Posts page so that it’s easy for your visitors to go to the previous or next post or to the blog index page. On the Blog Index page, you can also set up Pagination Options to make it easy to navigate your posts. And finally, EverWeb has the Search Field and Search Results widgets so your visitors can use your site’s in built search feature to find the post they want!

Blogging in EverWeb is easy and versatile and it only takes a few extra steps to get even more out of it!

If you have a comment or suggestion about this blog post, please let us know down below in the Comments Section! Thanks!

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