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EverWeb’s Site Shield Addon Now Available For Everyone: Secure Your Website Today!

Back in 2017, EverWeb introduced Site Shield Addon, which enabled EverWeb+Hosting users to end to end data encrypt their websites in just a couple of mouse clicks. Now with EverWeb 4.0 or higher, Site Shield Addon is available to every EverWeb user, whether you host with EverWeb or use your own hosting provider.

The beauty of EverWeb Site Shield Addon is that it makes the process of properly securing your website easy and simple. You don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of implementing your site’s security as EverWeb takes care of this automatically.

What Are The Benefits of EverWeb Site Shield Addon
Let’s start with the basics… what does EverWeb Site Shield Addon do and how can it benefit my website and online presence?

  1. Site Shield Addon provides end to end data encryption to your website, so your website is safer.
  2. The HTTPS identifier is added to your site showing your visitors that your site is secure. This is also good for your site’s credibility! You will also see padlock symbol next to your site’s name in browser search boxes, again indicating that your site’s secure.
  3. Search Engine like HTTPS sites so your SEO will improve. Google, and other search engines such as Bing and Alexa, prefer secure sites over non-secure sites, so will up you in SEO rankings for having this feature enabled.
  4. Simple, non-complicated setup. Using Site Shield means that you only need to press the mouse button a couple of times to get it all set up. It’s not complicated as EverWeb handles that part for you!
  5. Extra security options are available if you need them. Site Shield Addon comes with advanced security features which you can be enabled if you need to, again, with just a few mouse clicks. These features are more technical in nature, but there is explanatory text to help you decide if any of these features are for you as some choices cannot be undone after implementing them.

Purchasing and Setting Up EverWeb Site Shield Addon
You can purchase EverWeb Site Shield Addon from your EverWeb Client Area.

  1. Start by logging in to your EverWeb Client Area.
  2. Select the ‘Services’ menu, then choose ‘View Available Addons’.
  3. On the Product Addons page, select Site Shield and follow the prompts to complete your purchase.

If you already host with EverWeb, you can easily add Site Shield Addon to your website by going to the File-> Edit Publishing Settings screen. Next just click on the checkbox to the left of ‘Use HTTPS Secure URL’s’ and you’ll be guide through the purchase.

If you have your own hosting provider, purchasing and adding Site Shield Addon to your website is the exactly the same process as outlined above. There’s only one thing that we advise you to check beforehand with your hosting provider that your hosting server has a valid SSL Certificate. That’s the only extra thing that you need to do!

When you publish your site, remember to publish the whole site using the File-> Publish Entire Site menu option.

You Can Get EverWeb Site Shield Addon For Free Too!
Yes, it’s true! EverWeb Site Shield Addon is free if you have an EverWeb+Hosting 10GB or Higher plan!

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