20 Oct 2008

SEO for iWeb – Part 3 – Keywords

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Following on from Part 2 in this series on how to improve your search engines standings, this post is all about keywords. I touched briefly on the subject when I wrote about meta-tags, but this time I want to delve into the deepest, darkest depths of keywording your iWeb site. Read more

07 Oct 2008

SEO for iWeb – Part 2 – Meta-tags

15 Comments SEO for iWeb, Tips and Tricks

As promised in Part 1 of this series of posts on Search Engine Optimisation for iWeb sites here is Part 2. This time it’s all about meta-tags, what they are, where and how to insert them and how to make them work for you. To do this I shall also be delving into the world between the ‘head’ tags of an iWeb site.

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06 Oct 2008

Theme Beta-testers required.

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A quick request for you all this time, I am very close to completing an iWeb 08 theme that I plan to offer on this site under the ‘freebie’ section, but before I do offer it I was wondering if anybody would mind installing it on their machine and giving a bit of a run through then let me know of any problems Read more

25 Sep 2008

Add a tag cloud to your iWeb blog

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If, like me you are a regular reader of blogs all over the internet you may have notices a large number of them have (usually in the sidebar) a ‘tag cloud’. For one of the best examples I have found on the net check out the side-bar of Web Designer Wall. Although this may look like a random collection of words, related in someway to the web-site or blog you are visiting it does, in fact have a very real purpose. In this tutorial I want to show you how to create your own tag cloud and explain why than can help your blog. Read more

20 Sep 2008

Must-have applications for iWeb designers

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Ok, so I admit it. iWeb 08 is a fantastic, simple to use web design tool but it is lacking in some departments. So today I am going to write about and give you a bit of an insight into some of the free apps you should be using to improve your iWeb sites. All of the apps I talk about in this post are available to download and should be included in your ‘iWeb Toolbox’ if you are serious about designing a web-site that works. Read more