26 Jun 2009

iWeb and Internet Explorer – part 2

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Following on from this week’s earlier post about problems with iWeb sites displaying in Internet Explorer I decided to experiment with some conditional comments and a bit of CSS and came up with the following bit of code to add to your iWeb sites. The end result is a colored rectangle that will appear on your iWeb site (wherever you place the HTML Snippet) whenever an IE user visits your site. Within the rectangle is a warning that their browser is incompatible with your iWeb site. Read more

23 Jun 2009

iWeb and Internet Explorer

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If you have ever viewed your iWeb site in Internet Explorer (and of course you should have done when you tested it just before publishing) you may well have noticed that it looked a little strange; not as you designed it!

There are a variety of reasons why your iWeb site looks like it has been chewed by a dog and then spat out again and here they are explained along with a few tips to help you get around the problems. Read more

16 Jun 2009

Poll – Which iWeb are you?

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Its been a while since we had a poll here on All About iWeb so to celebrate the fact that it’s Tuesday evening I would be interested to know the results of this one. Read more

15 Jun 2009

iWeb and Typography

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Typography in web design is becoming more important than ever before. Once the realm of print designers we, as iWeb users, should be paying more attention to how text appears on our iWeb pages.

Typography is more than just picking a font we think looks nice and plastering it all over our iWeb site. It involves such things as clever use of headings, proper line spacing and the use of lists or bullets. It means making your content readable for all, without visitors getting a migraine after just reading 3 lines of your text.

Read more

08 Jun 2009

Safari 4 is out now!

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safari_iconMany of us were waiting for the latest Apple news and releases that are part of the Keynote speech at the WWDC every year and aside from the updated Macbooks, the new iPhone and of course Snow Leopard the release of Safari 4 was mentioned.

As one of the only browsers around to get 100/100 from the Acid3 test for browsers it’s good news (IE8 only got 21/100, oh dear). Read more