14 Dec 2008

Comments on a non-MobileMe blog – Update

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Many of you will have read my previous two tutorials on inserting comments into an iWeb blog that isn’t hosted with a MobileMe account and thank you to those people who sent me favourable e-mails on them. Haloscan, the people who gave us the orignal code for adding the comments to the site have been taken over by a company called JS-Kit and they in turn have made the process for adding comments to your iWeb blog different. In this tutorial I explain the new method of inserting comments into your non-MobileMe blog. Read more

03 Dec 2008

Adding a file to download from your iWeb site

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One of the most popular questions I am e-mailed is ‘how do I add a file to my site that visitors can download?’ and the answer really is quite simple. In this short tutorial I hope to explain how to add a file and make it available to anyone who visits your iWeb site. Read more

26 Nov 2008

Add Google Analytics to your iWeb site

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UPDATE: The proper way to add Google Analytics to your iWeb site is either through iWeb SEO Tool or SEIntelligence. Please click on the links to watch the proper way of adding Google Analytics using these tools.



Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for getting every sort of statistic for your site that you could ever dream of. It is so much more than number of visitors to your site, and if you are serious about your iWeb site you need the sort of information Analytics can provide.

Read more

18 Nov 2008

Protect your e-mail address in iWeb

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Are you getting fed up of the amount of spam you seem to be receiving since you added your e-mail address to your iWeb site? Every site should have some way of contacting the site owner (unless it’s a small personal thing of course) but as soon as you add your e-mail address you leave yourself open to spambots which trawl the internet looking for e-mail address and then bombard them with dreaded spam. With this tutorial I will show you how to effectively ‘hide’ your e-mail address from those spambots and therefore stop you pulling your hair out as you delete the latest collection of viagra ads in your inbox. Read more

09 Nov 2008

SEO for iWeb – Part 4 – This is how I would do it

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For those of you that have been following my series on SEO for iWeb you may well have notice Danny’s comment at the bottom of Part 3 – Keywords. I gave this comment some thought and then came up with an idea. I would take the section of Danny’s site and do a sort of ‘before and after’ thing to show you which meta-tags and keywords I would use along with any other changes. So I emailed Danny and he agreed. I won’t be making the changes to his live site, as he may not agree with the things I do, but I thought I would publish them here so that you (and he) can all see, and hopefully understand a little better, what I have been writing about over the last few weeks. Read more