18 May 2009

Questions from the week.

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An idea struck me last night as I was answering one of the many e-mails I receive about iWeb that I could collect the questions and publish the more frequent ones every week so that everyone can benefit form the answers. So here goes the first week.

If there is anything you want answered about iWeb you can drop me a line through the contacts page and I shall try my best to help. Read more

15 May 2009

Do you check your iWeb site before you publish?

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iWeb allows you to create beautiful web sites, simply and quickly but when you have finished are you one of those people who just hits the publish button or do you check your site first to make sure everything is as it should be ‘under the hood’ before going live. Here is a list of things you should be doing before you press that green arrow icon and show the world your masterpiece. Read more

06 May 2009

Faking columns or sidebars in iWeb

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This method of faking columns in iWeb is not a new one to web design but it is a useful one. Not only do you have to use it to produce false columns, you could use it to create a sidebar if you prefer. All you need is a basic graphics application and a little bit of imagination. Read more

02 May 2009

Add lightbox to your iWeb site

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lightbox_in_iweb_iconThere are many ways to display images on your iWeb site, by no means least the default photo page that comes with every theme, but what if you want something different? Lightbox has got to be one of the most popular ways of displaying images on a web-site available at the moment. Not only does it provide a slick way of showing off your photographs or illustrations but it looks really cool to boot. So here is how to add lightbox to your iWeb site in order to create the perfect looking image gallery or portfolio. Read more

30 Apr 2009

Add a drop-down menu to your iWeb pages

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It’s been a while since we had an iWeb tutorial post on All About iWeb so here is a nice simple javascript drop-down menu that you can add to your iWeb pages as and where you need. This menu should in no way replace your iWeb site’s main navigation but is ideal for a blog’s side-bar or a page which leads to sub-pages further within your iWeb site. Read more