22 Jul 2009

All About iWeb Competition Time

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As I mentioned in my post last month, just before going on holiday the first anniversary of All About iWeb is fast approaching and to celebrate I was going to run a competition.

I have been giving it some thought over the last few days and felt that rather than have a ‘show us your best iWeb site’ competition I would run something else Read more

20 Jul 2009

iWeb for a business web-site? Yes!

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Over recent months as this web-site has grown more popular I have noticed more and more people are searching for reasons to see if iWeb is a good web design tool  for building a web-site for their business.

Although I have read on a few other Mac and iWeb related web-sites many reasons not to use iWeb to create, build and maintain a business web-site I thought it was time to put forward an argument ‘for’ using iWeb to design your company’s web-site. Read more

16 Jul 2009

iWeb SEKeyword tool from Rage

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sekeywordA little while ago I reviewed the iWeb SEO Tool from Rage Software and found that, as a free product it was an excellent way of adding all sorts of things to your iWeb site that would help with the overall search engine optimization.

Another free app that Rage offers is their SEKeyword tool which promises to help you ‘Discover Your Website’s Most Profitable Keywords’. Let’s see how it gets on in the most recent of my reviews of iWeb add-ons. Read more

12 Jul 2009

Make your iWeb site iPhone ready

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This tutorial has been updated. You can now see a video tutorial on how to make an iWeb site mobile friendly.

We all know how sucessful Apple’s iPhone has become since it’s 3G version was released and now the iPhone 3G S is out and selling like hot cakes, the mobile internet is going to get even faster, and even more popular.

As a rule your iWeb site will work on an iPhone without to much hassle (unless you have added some flash obviously) however there are a few little tweaks that you can make here and there to make it even more iPhone friendly. Read more

08 Jul 2009

Make your iWeb headers link to your home page.

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Have you noticed, as you spend the day happily browsing the internet that it is now very common practice to have the header, or at least the logo, enable as a hyperlink back to the home page of the web-site?

This site does it and millions more do too. It is now almost an unwritten rule in the world of web designers to include this little tweak to a site. Read more