24 Jan 2009

10 Inspirational nav-bars built in iWeb

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One of the most popular terms that visitors to this site enter into search engines is ‘iWeb navbar’ which I find refreshing as a lot of you are obviously thinking of or looking for ways to improve the way a visitor to your iWeb site navigates his or her way around. Obviously the safest, most accessible and SEO friendly is the basic text links I talked about in my ‘Improve your iWeb navigation‘ post but they can be a little bland to say the least. In this post I want to show you methods of making those simple text-based links standout and look a lot less like the basic iWeb navigation. Read more

20 Jan 2009

Add a nav-bar with roll-overs to your iWeb site

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One of the first posts on this site was Adding a custom nav-bar to your iWeb and so far it has proved to be one of the most popular. The trouble with the method I talked about in that post was that it only gave basic results. Yes, the nav-bar was much more SEO friendly than the default iWeb one and far more accessible too, but it was a bit basic to say the least. So to take the custom nav-bars to another level this tutorial will show you how to add a CSS based nav-bar with rollover effects to your iWeb site. 

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15 Jan 2009

How-to back up your iWeb

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Since I published my post on what iWeb 09 had in store for us when it is released later this month I have received loads of e-mails asking me whether or not users will be able to just upgrade and carry on where they left off. To be honest, the answer is a little unclear. Read more

06 Jan 2009

iWeb 09 – It’s coming soon

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That’s right, a brand spanking new version of our favorite web design tool is being released at the end of the month as part of the all new iLife 09. Phil Schiller made the announcement earlier on today during his keynote speech at MacWorld 09. A new version of iLife was on the cards and has been talked about for the last 3 or 4 months on many of the various Mac related web-sites as people have being trying to second guess Apple and what would be talked about at MacWorld. But now we know; iWeb 09 is coming. Read more

04 Jan 2009

Fake an image map in iWeb

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Image maps have many uses within web design such as adding details to a technical diagram or navigating users from a paticular area to a specific part of your iWeb site. Put simply an image map is a large image with several hyperlinks embedded into it. In this tutorial I will show you how to recreate this effect within iWeb. Read more